Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Happiness

This picture from the last day of the fair

This glitter card. Papyrus cards rock.

This craft project I found via pintrest- hello adorable fall comfy look, nice to meet you.

The way we dried Zoey off this morning. In the sink.

This shirt from the anniversary sale. (FYI it ends the 5th).

And sorry I'm not sorry - Fifty Shades Darker

What's Making You Happy Today?

Monday, July 30, 2012

I Survived: Austin Edition

Remember when I told you that ALL my best friends live far away here????
Well this weekend was our 'musketeer reunion', Austin style.

Since two of us live on the Coasts (East and West) and our third musketeer lives in Texas, we decided to meet in the middle.

The trip was a little bit of a whirlwind (I arrived on Friday and left Saturday), BUT it was worth every. single. minute.
The three of us had not been together for a year and a half.
So happy to see these ladies.
The reunion made us realize, some things never change, no matter how much time has passed!

You know the trip is going to be good when your first 'meal' after the airplane is a baked chocolate and fruit covered donut.  

OHHH, only in Texas. 

 And to answer the question I hope all of you are asking yourselves, Yes I ate the whole, entire thing.

24 hours in Austin have been well spent when you:
Feel swampy in the first seconds out the airport doors
Hear the y'all, and love it
Eat a heart attack dounut as a 'warm up' for dinner
Shop your way down South Congress
Eat gumbo and a shrimp po boy
Bar Crawl down Sixth Street
Wake up sweating in the middle of the night
Eat the most incredible breakfast

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!
No matter where you were :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Brad Paisley,
You were better in person than I thought you would be, and My Band Perry you rocked as per usual.  Great Thursday Night!!!!

Dear Boyfriend,
If you would like to get me an early birthday present, cough cough, these would be perfect!!! Size 9!!! P.S. They are only on sale 'til the 5th, just sayin'.

Dear Concealer,
Thanks for making me look like attempted sleep last night.  Ever so kind of you.

Dear Zoey,
You DO NOT like the gentle leader we got you, but it makes our walks much more enjoyable, so guess what it's staying.

Dear Brother,
I love that you sent me this cool photo you took.  It made me smile.  Also I love that sharing things from far away is so easy these days, what did we ever do before iPhones???

Dear Kindle, 
It's high time we spend more time together.  Weekend watch out.

Dear Laundry Basket,
You've done it again, one week and you're over flowing.  We're only two people, HOW does this happen every.single.week?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Thursday Addition

So I like may outfit WAYYY better today.

So, I am settling, for a day late and a dollar short What I Wore Wednesday.
Thursday style.

Top: New York and Co.
Belt: LOFT
Shorts: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshalls

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures.
Off to Brand Paisley.

I might just show up in camouflage...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tag- She's It

I'm guest posting over here today.

Remember that real life bestie that I lost to the East Coast?

Yup. We're hanging out (in blog world) today. 

See my sassy side.

Also I was going to do the What I Wore Wednesday, but was NOT happy with the fit so.... 
Instead, here's one of Zoey and I at coffee this afternoon ;)

And here is what I would like to have been wearing, but let's be honest I wasn't....

But a girl can dream right???

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you really knew me...

If you can understand everything I say/mumble, know that I always have things floating around in my car and purse, and comment on my one too many bangles, then you've probably spent WAY too much time with me.

I found this post over at Running in Stilettos, and knew it was something I needed to copycat ASAP.  I love reading about people, reading about other peoples quirks and fun facts, makes my oddities endearing qualities seem a little more normal.  Some days I am left wondering...But most days I just rock it out!!!!!

You'd know I have a fake front tooth. It was a terrible umbrella attack in seventh grade. (You would never know if I didn't tell you right?)

You'd know I loved sorority life, and given a chance I'd live it again in a heartbeat.

You'd know snail mail was my speciality.

You'd know that I am don't like change all that much.

You'd know I don't set my alarm on any even number or multiple of five.

You'd know traveling is one of my favorite pass times, and I have been to fifteen + countries.

You'd know I can't go to bed with lint or nasties between my toes.

You'd know that if I could have one irrational, useless skill set I would love to have some sick 'step up' like dance moves

You'd know I always dry off with two towels: one for the body, and one for the hair. I really don't like wet hair dripping on my shoulders and back.

You'd know I refer to ears as 'ear balls' and knee caps as 'knee balls'.

You'd know I always fall asleep during movies at home. The only ones I can stay awake through are in the theater.

You'd know I watched the notebook about 500 times (this isn't a joke, I watched it while doing homework in college).

You'd know I just got a black lab puppy: Zoey who is awesome, crazy, precious, rewarding and exhausting all at the same time

You'd know my brother is my best friend and he lives in San Diego.

You'd know my parents just sold the house I grew up in and I feel good about it.

You'd know that chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is my favorite, and red velvet cupcakes are my weakness.

You'd know I grew up skiing, and have been doing it for twenty years (wayyyy over half my life).

You'd know that I love most all country music and try to fill my summers with as many country music concerts as possible.

You'd know that I always have a chap stick on hand, I can't handle chapped lips.

You'd know I have a large  awesome shoe collection, and that if I see a cute pair, it will likely be in my closet in the next two weeks.

You'd know my boyfriend and I can't walk out of Target for less $200 (we both can always find things we need there).

You'd know that my Mom and Dad have been best friend for 36 years and married for 34.  (Way to go M and D)

You'd know that I collected stamps when I was little.  Yup I was a geek for sure.

You'd know I have an obsession with anything sparkly and anything leopard.

You'd know that I love any sort of craft project, and can sew, but can't always find time to do as many as I would like.  

You'd know that I never really want to grow up.  The big kid adult thing can be really stressful.

You'd know that Top Gun is my all time favorite movie.  It might be because of my brother, but it is also AWESOME!!!

You'd know that I have no regrets in life, just things I wouldn't try again.

You'd know that I am sucker for cheese ball things and sayings (i.e. live, laugh, love).

Hope you got a snapshot of my uniqueness.
But even more so, I hope you have a great Tuesday, because you have no reason not too!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

1. The Fair Photobooth
2. I never want to go on this ride again
3. Zoey collects our dirty laundry for us
4. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Happened this weekend
5. Lunch Dad with Dad- Thai food is delicious!!!
6. All Smiles at the fair

Things that made my weekend so great:
The Fair
A 'family' swim day on Saturday
Movie Date : Dark Night Rises (sooooo good)
Clean Sheets
Purchased a Dress for wedding on 8.11.12, the bride picked it out.  Remember her from this post, and the bachelorette party?
 Delicious Pork Roast
Lazy Sunday that was actually productive: I cleaned!!!
Things that Made Monday so Great :
Remember last week and the total Case of the Mondays (read more here), this week I decided thing would be different. 

So I woke up on the right side of the bed!!!
Talked to my bestie, remember her over here?
Slept in (and didn't even feel guilty about it)
Wore my white jeans (remember these guys?) which are a 'go to' favorite
Went to lunch with my Dad- pictured above....I wasn't hungry at all
Stopped my and said Hi to my Mom
and Called my Grandma

Why this Week will be GREAT
Hair Appointment: goodbye roots, hello Blonde :)
Getting my brake lights fixed (this makes me sound like an adult...)
Adventures with visiting friends
Brad Paisley Concert
All my New Followers :)

Just a little fun weekend flare.
And I already know I have weird toes. 
But thanks for noticing, since I am sure you did!!!!

Stay tuned for the Successes of the Anniversary Sale!!!
And my Wish List!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Yesterday,
You were a fun, but today will be better because...

Dear State Fair,
We're coming back tonight!
Photo booth round two, I think so!!!
Dear Summer Ales,
You complete any and every summer evening.

Dear Hair,
Next week you'll have a fresh look, goodbye dishwater roots. Hair appointment always excite me.

Dear Skinny Dress Pants,
You were such a good investment! 
Dear Hydration,
You're a tough cookie.  I am trying so hard to keep up, but I don't always have success.

Dear Ann Hathaway,
I have confidence you'll be amazing in the Dark Night Rises.

Dear Linds,
I am bummed I can't make it to your white coat ceremony, but am complimented to have received an invitation. Can't wait to call you Dr. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Some days I wish I could experience snapshots of my Grandmas life.  The life before she the crazy, loving, fabulous, and ridiculous grandmother of mine. 

She has lived through and seen so much- that I sometimes want to see for myself.  Because I am selfish.

This all hit me the other day when my grandmother told me my car was 'fancy'. I'm thinking to myself- My car fancy??? What is she talking about?

When I asked why it was fancy, she told me it was 'fancy' because I unlocked it with a button on my key.

I have NEVER stopped to think about this before, but the idea that a car could be unlocked with a button on a key for my grandparents, is almost inconceivable.

Spending time with my grandma makes me wonder what life would be like WITHOUT all of this technology.

Cough cough- I blog, tweet, text, pin, instagram, email, call, Facebook, and the list goes on...

The stories my grandma has shared with me seem to be straight from the history books.

My Dad's mother was the daughter of a corn farmer in Iowa, and grew up learning the ways of the Farm with her younger brother.

She talks about radio shows being a BiG deal.  She says they'd all eat dinner, and then sit down as a family to tune in together.

She remembers when they got their first black and white television.
She remembers making long trips in to 'town' to buy shoes, and clothes. 
She said she wondered, 'will I ever get out of Iowa??'

One of my favorite stories, one that I have not had the privilege of hearing until recently, is about her serious boyfriend, and it was not my Grandfather.

She dated this gentleman who was in the services, and like many brave men were, he was sent to war. My grandmother said she wrote letters to him every week, and like many of her generation, she has the most beautiful penmanship, and got letters in return.

She said six months after he left, she got a letter from the Military informing her that he had killed in action. 

She went on to meet, and marry my grandfather and the rest is history.  She sure got out of Iowa, the darling couple (see picture here) lived in eight states, and three countries.  They raised two boys and two girls, and ended up traveling the world in their retirement.

My grandmother has done so many creative things in her life, she had made four ceramic Christmas   nativity sets, shes been in a writing class for 15 years, she took up calligraphy, she's driven across the country more than once, shes was in Shakespeare class, she wrote a book about her family genealogy, she golfed, and still plays bridge so often it's almost scary.

Now that Grandpa is gone, there are less things that she's involved in, but she still the same.
She still retains her beautiful penmanship, she answers the phone with the same voice inflections, and gives advice that was clearly shaped by her generation.

At twenty she was worried about my love life, wondering why I was 'still single'.  She wanted me to attend church with her because she had sat by a 'very tall, handsome gentleman' last week.  She had plans of introducing me this unknown, 'good ole catholic boy'.

I always wonder, what was she doing at twenty, where was she, what was she wearing?  

She advises me to see the world while I can, because 'your only young once', and she didn't get to see it all until her retirement.

She tells me NOT to wear heels when I go out because, NO boy likes a girl taller than him.  And now that I've found a boy (he's the best), she tells me just how much she prayed for me to find someone, and as she says, "Kaylin, I prayed every day, and I am so thankful you found someone taller". 

I just love my grandmother so much. I am glad honored and grateful to have spent so much time with her, learning about her life.

I am not sure exactly what inspired this post, or even what it's even really about.  Because nothing can quite describe grandma, or capture her character.

But I think it's about the way she makes me feel as her granddaughter, her special granddaughter, and all the love she has given me in so many ways.  Be it through stories, birthday cards, phone conversations, or Sunday brunches she always manages to be so fabulously herself it makes me happy that I have her to call, Grandma.

June 2006
June 2010
February 2012
1. June 2006- Brothers College Graduation
2. June 2010- My College Graduation
3. February 2012- (I'm on heels), but just dropped by to say Hi

What I am Loving Wednesday

What I am loving Wednesday
First Wednesday link up, I've been wanting to do it for a while so here we go!!!

Busy Work Days
 They make the time pass quickly. And I like feeling like I made someone happy, ensuring their interactions with me were both positive and productive!! Yay for work being fun!!!

JCrew via eBay
Thanks bloggers! I blame you all for introducing me to this! I think next is the bauble, we shall see. Two necklaces (see most recent below) and a bracelet later. I may or may not be hooked. But it is just so affordable and cute!!!!

Country Concerts-
Now these have been on the docket for months. But Tim and Kenny (Jake Owen opened) were awesome this weekend, and Brad Paisley is next week!!

State Fair-
The fair is here and it's always SOO much fun. It's the second year I've gotten to go with my boyfriend (this is hard to believe) and he's always so into it, and fun to go with. It makes my experience a zillion times more fun! It's here for another week! So wahoo!!!! Fried fair food- bring it!!!

Don't think there would ever be a Wednesday that I wouldn't love her. She's so darned cute!! And she's learning so much at puppy class (okay, so we've only been to one class, but she did learn a lot there) that it makes her even cuter. Well behaved puppy. Now about that homework we have.... 

Can't believe this week is almost over...Time Flies!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me, Myself, and I - Part 1

I'm Participating in the NEW link Up!!!

Whispering Sweet Nothings
Confessions of a Graphic Design Student
Framed Frosting
Life of the Wife
My Beautiful Crazy Life
Every third Tuesday of Every month...there will be 5 questions to be answered.
You know...so we can get to know you better!
So here are this month's 5 questions!
 What is your biggest phobia?
I am not quite sure exactly what I have a phobia of as of yet.  I am not scared of heights, spiders, flying, driving, anything.  If I had to choose it would be cockroaches.  I am not the largest fan, and don't think I would like to have them crawling all over me anytime soon.  If I see them though, I have no fear of crushing them with some assertion.
If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why?

I don't know if there is one day in particular.   I would relive my surprise 23rd birthday present when my boyfriend took to to Disneyland (when I was 22/23), but there was also my epic Vail ski day in Colorado (when I was 22), or a day in Budapest in summer 2008 that was perfect! 
Gosh this makes me sound soooo spoiled
If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
I am going to say 22.  I am not sure why, but I was convinced nothing would get better.  I was working full time (with benefits), but still carefree. Traveling, working out, and having a blast.  In my twenty second year, I never went more than 30 days without being on a plane and, I met my boyfriend (best part of the year).  To top it all off on the last day of double deuces I was swept away to Disneyland (by my boyfriend) to celebrate the big 23, so it ended perfectly.

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? 

 People often say I look like Blake Lively (I used to have long locks), even though I know that's a TOTAL lie.  I mean let's be honest ladies....I don't look like her, but hey I'll take it! 
Maybe in this picture we look kinda of alike, but anyone could look like this.

What songs are included on the
soundtrack to your life? 

Okay this is SUCH a hard question. I do pretty much everything to music and love, love, love music.
Jessica Andrew- Theres More to me than You
Rascal Flatts-These Days
Tim McGraw-Live Like you Were Dying
Jason Maraz- I Won't Give Up
Celine Dion- Another Year has Gone By
Michael Buble- I Wanna Go Home
Jay Sean- 2012
Josh Gracin- Stay With Me
Rascal Flatts- I Won't Let Go
Blake Shelton-God Gave Me You
Rascal Flatts- They Try
Billy Currington- Everything
Steve Miller- Keep Rockin' Me Baby
Carol King- I Feel the Earth Move 
Top Gun Soundtrack
All Disney Soundtracks
Something Corporate- I Woke up In a Car
Country Crows- Mr. Jones
and the list goes on...
There you have it folks....
 Hope you have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Total Case of the Mondays

You know you have a case of the Mondays when you:

Snooze the three alarms you set.
Don't go on your morning run (I should take my advice here).
Get lost while walking the dog, and have to use your iPhone to get home. 

Getting ready to go :)
Dry Shampoo your hair instead of taking a shower. (Remember when I talked about this stuff here, it's seriously the Best!!!)

Wear a dress (hello, it's one piece, no matching or thinking required).

Leave the radio on commercials when you have an awesome country mix in your CD player

 Miss type your computer password 3 times at work.
Blankly stare at a client while they are talking.
Forget to say goodbye to your coworker when they leave.

Get stuck in traffic that NEVER exists on Monday.
Run the usual route five minutes slower.

Zoey, however did NOT have the case of the Mondays.
She was ON it!

Tuesday, I'm ready to start over.
Let's make a deal.