Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIW: A Gussied Up Bookworm

This was the ensemble I created for a very important business meeting I was last week, and I was SO damn proud of myself. Curled hair, tights, and booties all in one outfit, this only happens every month or two, maybe.

When I got to work someone commented that I was 'gussied up'.  Now gussied up wasn't quite what I was going for, dressed nicley or put together might have been some of my choice synonyms, but 'gussied up' it was. 

So when the meeting was cancelled and re-scheduled for today (internal monologue/dilemma, can I wear this outfit? one in the meeting saw it or reads this blog), I was heartbroken, and had the thought every blogger has when things like this happen. Damn I wasted a good hair day.

Good hair day or not you probably noted the blonde locks are gone.  They aren't gone for good, but in hopes of growing my hair as many (hoping for at least three) inches before the wedding I returned to my natural color so I could go a few more weeks, or months without dying it.  All things considered we will see how long this color lasts, I'm already anxious.

As for other things about this post this skirt was a $14 sale find at Nordstrom (still on sale), and I love it. Worn it too many times to count since I got it.   The scarf was a gift, and home knit via arm knitting.  I've never heard of it before, but turns out it's a beautiful thing.  Maybe I'll try it, or maybe I won't my New Year's resolution  was to read 52 books this year, which I am still unsure is actually going to be attainable.  So my 'free time' is usually consumed with book-worm-itis, and am happy to report I am three down so far.  Now just 49 more to go.

If I go missing. You know where to find me. On my couch kindeling.


  1. wow! you look gorgeous! you get gussied up rather well!

  2. those booties are a total life saver! Best purchase of the season!

  3. ooo that scarf is really pretty, it definitely added a nice pop to the look! and that's your natural color?! it's so so beautiful- i've always wanted that sandy hue :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. I need an arm knitted scarf in my life! Love it..perfect color :)

  5. if i were you i would have totally wore the outfit again :)

  6. i love your hair! and I feel sad when I waste a good anything day - clothes, hair, makeup! and i love that scarf!

  7. I loooove that outfit! It still looks cute and comfy, but dressy. And I hate it if good hair or outfit gets wasted on nothing - the hair doesn't curl itself, right?!

  8. You look great! I have those booties - they're amazing!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  9. I wouldn't say gussied up, but I would say pretty fierce ;)


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