Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Three Worst Costumes Ever...Wow.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today I've teamed up with the one and only Taylor from The Daily Tay to bring you all a fun little recap of our favorite (and not so favorite) Halloween memories and costumes from over the years. And because we were both hooligans in college, you are in for a treat.
1. What have been your top 3 Halloween costumes:

Easy. 1. Ladybug 2. Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. 3. Pregnant Britney Spears.

Goodness there are so many good ones to choose from, most were from my youth, because let's all be honest no costume in college is really worth mentioning.  Especially when your in a sorority and Halloween is pretty much every weekend.

My favorite, and go to was home sewn pumpkin outfit was stuffed with crumbled bits of news paper and had a hat that tied under the chin.  I wore it in pre-school when it sagged past my knees, and again my junior year of High School when it came to my waist.  Let's just say we got our money's worth.

My second favorite would be the T Birds, with custom hand crafted spray painted T-shirts that I made.  I completed the outfit with a fake cigarette made of rolled paper, because I didn't want to keep a real one behind my ear. It's the purist in me.

Third is probably when I was a butterfly. Something about having wings makes you feel so magical.  Perhaps I felt a small moment of what tink feels all the time. Also I got to wear four inch power purple heels, and I didn't look out of place. Clearly I'm the big winner here.

2. Now what your worst Halloween costumes:

Taylor- Anything and everything I wore for Halloween in college. Most specifically this hippy costume. Put some clothes on gross little college girl, you look ratchet. (Just for the record that is my first time every using that word and I'm kinda excited about it. Did I use it correctly?)

The worst costumes included a terrible Britney Spears circa 2001 costume. Think Hit Me Baby One More Time costume gone wrong in all sorts of ways, and me as a college freshman. No pictures necessary.  The real worst was when I dressed up as a drawer liner, and gave myself a full body wax when removing the costume. If only I was joking.

But really this might really be it, a 'ruler'. Who buys a men's extra large plain Tee, sews it into a dress, and then makes it into a ruler. This girl.  Seriously so embarrassing.  And probably the most stereotypical college sorority girl with frat boy picture ever.

This was bad too. Is that really a dress?
3. Best Halloween night and why:

The crazy bender I went on back in the early 90s known as Kindergarten Halloween. I was a mouse and was on straight sugar high for probably seven days. The party started in the a.m. at school and didn't end until long after dusk after I'd hit up all of the rich neighborhoods, just jonesing to get my hands on some of those King Size candy bars- the Butterfingers and Reeses were my drug of choice back then. God those were good times.

I was in Northfield, MN visiting my friend form High School, who went to Carleton. She forgot to mention that October in MN is colder than any winter day in CA, and I froze my little butt off as a Indian. I also took a hour long cab ride by myself with a creepy old man cab driver while hung over, and discovering the newly downloaded piano app on my iPhone. Clearly there are parts of that night that I don't remember.

4. Naturally we have to talk about the worst night now:

This would have to be the Halloween of 2009 when I was infected with the good ol Swine Flu, also known as H1N1. I'd had the flu for roughly two weeks before I finally decided to go to the doctor a couple of days before Halloween to figure out if it was normal or not to feel as if you've been slowly dying for the past fourteen days. As it turns out, it's not. On the bright side I lost a lot of weight and looked killer in my Halloween costume that year! Because yeah, I still went out obviously.


The worst was probably fourth grade when I decided I wanted to be a bowling ball.   I, along with the help of my Mom, cut two large pieces of cardboard into circles, connected them with duck tape and painted them black with the three finger holes on the front side.  It rained that night and the paint ran. By the end of the night I was wearing two gray soggy pieces of cardboard, that I eventually had to ditch only to reveal my 115 pound 4 foot 2 frame fourth grade frame in all black spandex. It was awesome.

5. How will you be celebrating this evening?

Taylor- Ditto to everything Kaylin says below. Although I might get a little adventurous and take Harlow for a spin around the neighborhood in his jockey costume. We shall see...

I'll be sitting on my couch probably watching the shows that I missed on Wednesday, and answering the door for the neighbor kids, though we usually don't have too many.  At some point I'll have to dress up again, when I'm a Mom and everything, but that's still years out, so until then I'm enjoying the tranquility of it all.  Clearly I did way too much costuming in college.

Hope you all have a great Halloween.
P.S. Don't get too Candy Crush crazy or anything.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



I'll be good at using my DSLR camera. I think maybe just using it more is what I need to do. Remember it's a normal blogging accessory, totally normal.

My entire To-Do list (never written, it's in my head) will be complete. Or maybe even someday I will start making a To-Do list to document my productivity. I don't sit around all day for nothing. I promise.

Our house will be done. But progress is progress no matter how big or how small.

I'll travel to Greece with my boyfriend, and love it. Those isles look like perfection. I mean have you seen Sister Hood of the Traveling pants two? Come on.

My kids will be dressed in matching outfits (no matter what gender), and I will take embarrassing pictures of them. And I will love it.

Collecting shoes will not be a hobby, but it will be my job. Professional shoe buyer sounds good as a 'title' right? I could totally do that, and yes I'd still probably get 17% of all of them at Target, because why the heck not.

I'll have this bloggy blog thing figured out.

Zoey will be tired after our morning run. The girl and I went eight miles last week and it left her un-phased. Oh what I wouldn't give to have as much energy as she does. Except then I'd probably be a tiny bit annoying, but she can pull it off. She's too darn cute.

I'll have a Nordstrom credit card. It would probably be better for the both of us.

The stack of old windows behind the garage will magically disappear. It's been about two years. I'm thinking maybe in another two they'll just be gone.  Again with the whole progress thing.

Soon I won't be in  my middle twenties anymore, and I know I'll dream of the days when I was. So I gotta live 'em up now, and by live 'em up I mean do what makes me happy. Who says raging on a Friday night is what you are 'supposed to be doing' anyway.

The Daily Tay

Senior Portraits

I got this sweat the other day from Old Navy a while back and have never worn it.  I had had grand plans of taking really cute outfit pictures while wearing it, but didn't. So I'm left with this one, taken in the parking lot at work right before I left. Clearly I was trying to show off my High School senior portrait posing skills, or the awesome glitter elbow patch.  I'll let you decide.

Fall arrived on Monday, and you probably noticed that we got our first big snow in the mountains as well. Which is what I consider a double whammy; hello ski season.

What else is happening.
Well not that much, except far too much, all at the same time.

In the whirlwind of Halloween, bridal showers, new cousins, my niece coming soon, work on the house, and baby showers we've been a bit busy.  So busy in fact that I woke up on Friday morning with sharp knife in my throat that required a doctors visit and Penicillin to cure. Awesome.

I'm so trying to give back, and grow this little cyber space of mine, but I've fallen off the rocker. I thought a Friday night of nothing but soup and Say Yes to the Dress in bed might cure it, but I am afraid not.

I'm still lost, and have no clear visions of what to write and say here.
Which most days I find totally acceptable.
But some days I find full of the sour taste some call disappointment.

Tomorrow though you're in for a treat. A little trip down memory lane of Halloween.
With pictures.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Check out those shutters.
They look pretty damn good, I'm just sayin'.
Amazing what some black plastic can do to the front of a home right?

I spent 45 minutes ordering these them about two weeks ago (ten day delivery in my dreams) at the local Home Depot.  I walked in with the exact dimensions and type of the shutters I needed, ask me how it still took the Home Depot man 45 minutes to get my order placed, I'm not sure sure. There was no line.  

But what I will say is they made us both VERY happy. We had no idea that such a small addition to the house would make such a big difference with curb appeal, which is weird because we log about 4.7 hours of HGTV per week; those Cousins on Call are pretty darn cute talented.

Our house is really coming along. A coat of black paint on the front door, one more day of work on the deck, and a few other small things here and there inside, and it will finally be 'done' after almost three years of changes.  I love calling this little bungalow home though, something about it's charm and small (relative) size that is so cozy, and easy to clean, which can be equally as charming in it's own domestic way.  

In other news this weekend there is a new little one in the family, born healthy less than an hour into Sunday. And he gets to head home this morning.  Lots of blessings to count as the Holidays approach. Can't believe they are here already.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Kid on the the Block

Last night I attended my first alumni event, and my heart had palpitations.  Alumni, man that word still stings.
If you can guess which house I we were in, ten extra points for you.

After three solid years of being a collegiate member of Delta Gamma,  I graduated and 'left sorority' life in the past, one of the hardest things I've ever done.  No one ever tells you just how sad life post graduation sorority is going to be, it's the pits.

So when my little called inviting me to go with her to our local alumni group Bunco night I figured why not try it out.  Being the new kid on the block is hard, all us bloggers had to start somewhere, so you know how it goes.

Am I dressed appropriately? Are they going to like me? Should I bring something? Did I remember to brush my teeth? Are we going to have do to a ritual? Shit do I remember those? I usual freak out before you're the new girl on the block routine.

But when we showed up it was all peachy keen- I had forgotten the whole premise of a sorority is getting girls together for a larger cause to harbor friendships, develop skill sets, and better you as a person, friend, and community member.  And you'll make good best friends out of it.

My first day as a DG I knew no one, and same was true at this event, but they were all my type of people, and we drank wine and played bunco which pretty much knocks the socks out of my usual Wednesday plans (i.e Modern Family and Criminal Minds).

I'm going back next month, we are going to do the Paint and Sip deal. Ifs BYOW (bring your own wine). I can't even wait. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If I Got a Dollar for Every Mile I Ran, I'd Run More...

The other day while having a moment of 'insignificance', I decided I needed to do something that would make me feel accomplished.  So I decided I would run 'train' for a half marathon.  Although I haven't really talked about it much on this little worm hole web space of mine, I'm what some would call a freak, and what others would call a runner.  I'll take either.
I confess that I'm your weirdo that wakes up at 5am to go running or to Boot camp, and I love it.  I enjoy getting the day started, getting the work out done, and then pretending like it never even happened.  Except on days that I am so sore I can hardly get up off the toilet in which case it's hard to forget the work out, but I guess that's just too much information.

Also I'm sure I don't look like this when I run, but who does.  Oh that's right half the running I see out there who effortlessly glide, step after step making me hate them more and more as they go.  This is what I actually look like; I'm not a pretty sight before or after the run, promise.

But here's the thing, if I got a dollar for ever mile I ran, I'd be running A TON more. Just to think about all those sweet running gear I'd have, the shoes I could buy, and the purses I'd be wearing.  But then I guess I'd have to be running A LOT more than I am now.  Not quite sure how far $20 buck a week would get me.  Certainly wouldn't buy my current crushes these, these, this, and this, but I'd for sure take the extra money.

And now back to my 'need to feel accomplished', this must be a quarter century thing, heck knows I didn't feel this at 24.  So, honestly I don't know if I am going to 'train' as much as I am going to try to  run more. Mostly so I can keep accommodating all the sweets I've been eating, but also in hopes that when I actually do get around to running a half marathon (March maybe????) I'll be ready. My Mom said she'd run it with me, and if I have any hopes of beating keeping up with her, I gotta get my ass movin'.

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Weekend Party

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower, a sure fire sign that we're not in Kansas college anymore.  It was a small gathering, but as I mentioned before, I was quite nervous about having people over.  Something about the first 'formal' gathering that you host can really get to you, or so I've learned.

Maybe it's my type A personality or my unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, but I wanted the every last detail to be perfect.  So I cleaned for days, arranged flowers, bought what felt like half of the super market, and made my boyfriend hang my other DIY curtains in preparation.  (Please note this is the cleanest our house has been in 2013, see what hosting a party can do for you?)  All in hopes of attaining perfection.

Well the event was far from perfect, you probably noticed the crossed out food label above due to a last minute menu change, but it was heartfelt to say the least. The out pour of love and support that was given to me as the host, and my good friend as the bride (isn't she stunning with that pixie?) was really amazing.  Especially considering how poorly the bachelorette party went? Remember this story?

Among my favorite moments was when she was opening presents, and got a book that has advice from couples that have been married over fifty years, and tears came to her eyes. It wasn't the grandest or most expensive present there, but it was the idea behind it that really got the bride to be everyone choked up.
There's just something so special about sharing moments with friends who are getting married that you can't ever recreate.  I'll probably never parade around the house in my bridemaids dress, next to a best friend in her veil and wedding shoes in front of our co-workers just for fun ever again. Nor will there be that much excitement stirring in my home for a while, but I was honored we could all be together to share and celebrate the last few weeks of her 'single' life.

I can't wait to stand up at the alter with her in six short weeks, and I really can't wait to break it down on the dance floor.  But really I can't wait to share the future with her and her husband. It's going to be be so amazingly special.
P.S. I got my camera back, but I didn't take these, a guest did. Didn't she do a GREAT job?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thank God.

When I hear religious people say, "Thank God," I makes me feel a lot better about saying it.  What drives me nuts are those looks some people give you for saying it that makes you feel like a bad person, yeah I hate that. It's like they are saying more mean things with their eyebrows than they'd ever have the balls to actually say to you in person.

So I apologize in advance to you crazy eyebrow turning hooligans, thank God it's Friday.  Although this week has been full of fun stuff like crafting for the party, red velvet cupcakes, and date night take out, I'm still ready for it to be over so I can fluff, primp, and prep my little heart out.

No my bed doesn't look like this, but I have the duvet.
Aside from the three loads of laundry I still haven't put away, the curtains that haven't been hung, the grabbing of the groceries, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, and baking I'm totally ready to have everyone over.  But as I sit here typing this, I just can't seem to get to any of it done before work.

You see this morning marked the first 'long sleeve shirt running weather' which is awesome because it means it was actually cold enough this morning to make my bed feel extra warm and cozy.  So instead of popping right out of bed to run my first alarm, I waited 'til the fourth one which I am sure my bedmate boyfriend really appreciates.

So of course the only logical thing to do after my run and shower was to get back in bed under our new duvet, and cozy up to write this, which is where you would find me for the rest of the day, if I had my choice.  But since that's not the case I'll be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, oh and going to work, until I have every last detail squared away.

But based on this morning there is a slight glimmer of hope that fall is coming to CA, which would be a heaven send. I'm going to wear tall boots, and a blazer today just to urge it to come.  I am so sick of the heat, short sleeves, and sandals it's ridiculous. And yes, I am aware that all of you East Coasters who have now been living in fall for weeks are cursing these words as you read them. I'm sorry, I guess it just proves that CA really is the best state. I'm just sayin'.

Also it's now 8:30 and I haven't gotten dressed yet (yup that means I've been writing this in my undies), so I should probably hop out of bed and get to it... gosh darn you Friday. You've already gotten the best of me.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Boss is Coming Over

I've been buried deep in the crevasses of my house, cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, laundering, arranging, and repeating all week.  Also in 1200 square feet I'm not even sure we have crevasses, but if there are, I have found them.  All of them.

My boss, and my bosses boss are attending a bridal shower I am hosting at my house this weekend, and if I've never been intimidated in my lifetime, I am now.  Our house has been a work in progress for almost two years (yup, we lived through a remodel that was fun) , and while we're alm o s t done, we're not qui t e there yet.  But this year we've come a long way, and there are many sections of my home that I love, parts I have worked hard on, and things that make me happy.

Both taken with my phone from my couch, because I'm lazy.

But since my home is a place where I find comfort, and escape to after a long days work, it's hard to let people in with the idea that they are going to find the same satisfaction with it as we (my boyfriend and I) do.   Which in the end might be perfectly fine, despite the fact that that's exactly what I want.  But I'm a girl, and I want them to be impressed, and think it's beautiful, because wouldn't anyone want that for their home?

To be honest, I'm mostly nervous a pillow won't be fluffed enough, the food won't be scrumptious enough (yes I am feeding them all too), and the floors won't be clean enough.  But seriously what I was thinking sweeping and mopping, Cinderella style on my hands and knees, on Tuesday, when little Miss Zoey can single handily make any floor dirty hairy in 37 seconds flat? Fail.  God I want need a Roomba

Mostly I just want it to all go well. I can't wait to have all my crafts done, food prepped, drinks made, and guests here. I'll be sure to have a candle burning, all lights on, and fresh towels, new soap, and flowers in the bathroom.  My silverware will be wrapped and bowed in linen napkins, and my serving trays will be matching.  The wine will be chilled, and mimosas will be ready for an awesome party.  

This party has to make up for the the terrible bachelorette party the bride had, and I'm determined to do it.  So excuse me while I go fold the three loads of laundry that are currently heaped and barley fitting on my kitchen island, and scrub that back toilet, and clean up the back room in hopes that when my boss(es) come over Saturday morning, they'll be pleasantly surprised with what we've worked so hard to put together.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On Babies

The idea of growing a baby is intimidating.  Talk about the actual labor and delivery, and I'm out.  I'm so not cut out for this. Don't get me wrong, I want kids (yes plural) someday, emphasis on the someday.
Clearly she loves FaceTiming with me.
In blog world babies are everywhere, it's not until they (babies) start showing up on your Facebook news feed that you'll freak out (right Nadine?).  Mostly because you know that these babies weren't mistakes, they were intentional, planned, not a surprise, which is another indicator that nope, I'm not getting any younger.
While the idea of being a Mom still intimidates me, I wonder if the feelings on motherhood every really change? Isn't the whole premise of being a parent intimidating-- being responsible for another life, shaping a personality, leading by example, teaching morals, but mostly keeping them alive, healthy, and happy, this just doesn't sound easy. 

And while there are some days that this seems near impossible for my little mind to process, it's happening all around me. In blogworld every season in baby season, but in real life baby season (for me) is right now.  If it were contagious, I'd have it.  My boyfriends cousin and sister are both due in the next 40 days, my niece is just barley 3 months (and the cutest thing ever), and Andrea is about ready to pop too (call if you need me).

The past two weekends were filled with family and baby showers; words like boppy, Sophie, and Bjorn don't even phase me even more...what is happening?  Insert internal freak out here.  The beauty of all these babies, is the excuse to browse the baby sections at Target, and how much I've been using my sewing machine.  This baby stuff can be so expensive, so I've been making the gifts myself, like this car seat cover I made for Andrea. How To coming soon.

So until I'm ready to be a Mom, I'll just borrow the babies I have around me (soon to be four of 'em)! I'll shop and sew for them, and come back home to my baby (Zoey that is), and drown her in hugs, and loves, and rubs, 'til I'm we're ready for a real one. It'll be a while, I promise.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Real Life > Blog Life

If I could spend my nights do anything, this would be it.
After many busy weeks, and weekends, I'm ready for this on repeat for the next three weeks, but seriously, staying at home and sitting by the fire. Seriously nothing sounds better.

When feeling guilt about blogging (and lack there of), I have to remember to keep things in perspective.  Real life > Blog life.  And as much as I enjoy using this as a resource, outlet, and crowd curating space, nothing quite tops the day to day moments that I think make my life so special.

So yup, the past few weeks of content may have been poor, I still struggle with the dichotomy of blogging, and finding a good balance.  But that's okay, because I've been overwhelmed by real life anyways.

Sometimes I guess you just can't do every last thing you want to do. You have choose to do the things that bring the most joy to you, and share the joy you have made and found with those around you.

It's so important to realize and remember that it's not about the followers, sponsorships, or number of comments, it's about what you get from it. And while I know you'll only get what you put into it, you can't miss the moments that might mean the most long term.

I'm still a work in progress. 
This space is still a work in progress.
Someday (soon?) I'll figure it all out.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things Parents Should Tell you In High School

 If this picture doesn't define the word awkward, I don't know what does.

Braces suck while they are on, but a lifetime of straight teeth is totally worth two years of brace face in High School. But oh yes, they'll look terrible all two years you have 'em, but they won't get stuck on your boyfriend's, promise.

You want your boobs to grow yes, but a push up bra will work.  In reality, you don't want boobs too big, they'll get in your way.  If you really want 'em bigger after kids, get the best surgeon there is.

Even in 'adult life' there are those people who drive the nicest cars, and beep bop around like they are better than you, just like they did in High School when their parents bought them a brand new car on their sixteenth birthday. Don't let it get to you, they'll probably always be that way.

Drinking isn't really that cool after all, you'll do WAYYYY too much of it in college.

Your High School boyfriend, probably will date some bimbo girl you don't like after he dates you. And you'll freak out for a second, and then be totally over it once college happens.

Making new friends isn't hard, but making true friends is. Keep the ones you have.

The High School years do not qualify as the glory years, that's college where you don't stress about health care, 401k, or a mortgage. And your priorities are Wednesdays Funk night at the local bar, class, and the upcoming sorority event.

'The Girl Club' while annoying at sixteen, is actually something to celebrate in later years. If you've seen sixteen and pregnant, you too would think it's a blessing.

If you think you love your boyfriend, you should probably wait (you know what I mean), because you're probably not going to marry him. Unless you are my parents, clearly the exception, not the rule.

Pimples last a lifetime and even if you are blessed with nice skin, you'll still get the occasional pimple in college, mid twenties, and from everything my Mom tells me pretty much the rest of your life.  They are still a crisis in your twenties, trust me.

And at that I currently I have four pimples.
Happy Darn Thursday.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIW: A decade in the same shoe and running advice

I didn't even try these new friends on before I bought 'em.  While you, and the guy working at my local running store may find that odd; I was confident they'd be perfect. I've been running in the same shoe (and size) for a decade.

And then I die, a decade, really? Insert internal panic attack here.

Since when am I old enough to have had a designated pair of running shoes for decade?

In my ten years what have I come to notice about running?

A pair of well fitting running shoes is imperative, and will seriously change your feelings on running.

It never gets easier, it gets more enjoyable.

I always feel better after your run, no matter how short or long.

Making time, not excuses, is the most important part.

For me running earlier is better, then it's out of the way and I don't have to worry about it.

Some runs are just better than others for no logical or physically explainable reason.

Listen to your body.

It really is the fastest way to drop weight, or at least I think it is.

Running to music helps me run faster, and keeps me going.

Taking the dog can be both a blessing and a curse

Running socks are important too, these things aren't a joke.

Staying hydrated will help improve your runs.

Your progress belongs to you, be proud of what you accomplish.

When I'm running regularly my overall energy is up!

Running time is me time, and I've got lots to think about.

Stretching after is more helpful than stretching before (or at least I think so).

I always feel more confident on days that I've worked out or gone for a run.

Running removes most of the guilt I feel when eating desserts.

Finding good 3 and 5 mile loops in your neighborhood is a good idea.

I run for me, not anyone else.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why My Dog Isn't Lady Like

She's totally mastered the teenage, 'Mom I can't believe you are blogging saying this right now' look. But I won't cave to it.   You see, Zoey can be sorta a shy at times (she doesn't like me talking about her much), and while as much as she'd like to think she's a bad ass, she's totally worked by every cat in the yard, and owned by all dogs, especially those smaller than herself.

I like to think it's her modesty coming out, but I am sure a dog physiologist (side note, I can't believe this is actually a profession) would tell me otherwise.  Bottom line: Our dog is not lady like.

DISCLAIMER: none of these positions were practiced or posed.  Additionally there pictures were all snapped quickly with my phone when I walked into the room and found her advertising.

I'm not even really sure where she learned all of this, certainly not from her mother.  She didn't learn to burp after every single meal from me either.  P.S. it's usually in my face (because I am snuggling her).  But I love her.

Also. This last one is certainly the worst, but true life, this is how we found her one morning on the couch. Seriously WTF mate?  Now that Zoey isn't really a puppy, these pictures are way more incriminating and inappropriate (see above).  And while 'technically' she still is still a puppy, she's not fourteen two yet, normal people deem her significantly less 'oodle worthy' and baby voice deserving than actual puppies (the ones that look little).  Which, by the way, isn't at all true or fair, but since you probably get what I am saying, just agree, and keep reading.

Isn't she precious though, I mean seriously?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Current Wants and a Starbucks Giveway!!!!

Yup due to lack of camera energy and effort I have been spending on this little cyber space over here, I have no fabulous outfit to debut.  Which is okay, because if I were telling the truth, there were truly no fabulous outfits over the past week, because we're 'tweening. 

Tweening is that awkward time between Summer and Fall that has all us blogging ladies confused. What the heck do we wear?  Well this little list are a few of the things I've been eyeballing.  Doesn't mean any of them are going to be coming home with me any time soon. Although the vest is really yanking my chain. I am afraid Target wins every.single.last.time. Just click the link people, just do it.

As per other things happening, I'm officially on baby/bridal shower over load. Back to back baby showers this weekend and next, and then topped off by a bridal shower.  Guess it's just that time of year, although I guess your middle twenties it's like this all year long, so help me gawd.

In the meantime I'll be eating lunch with Andrea, sewing, and crafting for days.

P.S. Did you enter my Starbucks giveaway over here?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drug Store Goodies I'm Diggin'

Falsies//Easily the best drug store mascara there is. I've never tried the Benefit one that everyone raves about, but seriously if this is even half as good it's well worth it because it's a quarter of the price.  For the every day, they suit my fancy.

BB Cream//I wrote about this before, but I've been loving wearing this every day. On the weekends, it this and falsies and that's it.  I love how light it is, lighter than my go to (Cargo) tinted moisturizer, which is great for putting on before working out, etc.

White Eye Liner//Late to the party, as per usual with anything beauty related, but lining the lower rim with this guy really does make my eyes look bigger (I've had comments), which is a good thing. It also just gives a softer look overall. I've never been a fancy eye liner kind of gal, so this Rimmel one keeps me happy.

Color Tattoo//Okay easily the best drug store eye shadow I have ever bought at a drugstore. I wear it under my Naked 2 Pallet choices almost every day. And if I am keeping it simple- just this stuff. Seriously go buy now. This color too. Loves it.

L'oreal True Match//Never been a liquid foundation kind of gal, I usually wear powder over my moisturizer, and that's it, but when I did my own make up for my besties wedding, I wanted a little more (affordable) coverage. So I bought this after reading a few things online. Love it, and again well worth the price. If I wore it every day, I might invest in something a little nicer, but for the rare get super dressed up days, this works perfectly.