Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pregnant by Association

Everyone around me is pregnant, okay maybe not anyone, but half of the blogging world, my sister in law, a good friend, my boyfriends cousin, and my boyfriends sister (yes, I'll be an Auntie twice over this year and couldn't be more excited).

...So basically everyone.

So this weekend I had another baby shower, 
and I swear if one could be pregnant by association, I would be.
You know in college when all of you are roommates, you all 'cycle' at the same time. 
Yeah if that happened with pregnancy, I'd be SOL.
 But, since that's not a thing (thank heavens), I'm not (with child).
But I am excited about all these pregnant ladies
(and all you pregnant bloggers), because they are all fabulous.
I am particularly excited for my sister in law (who is due any day now), and boyfriends sister, because it means I'll get the perks of a baby, 
without actually having one.

I'll get to spoil the kiddos rotten, return them whey they have a dirty diaper are crying,
and, and teach them all sorts of dumb useful things.

Man I can't wait for all the babies to be here!!!
Being Auntie K, is going to be so much fun.


  1. I was JUST talking about this. Last week 7 (!) people I know IRL or follow on blogs announced their pregnancy. It's in the water...or it was a slow winter...

  2. Same thing over here in Georgia! I am scared to drink anything in fear of "catching" it myself! Haha! Couldn't be more happy for all the lovely ladies that are though!

  3. Perks of a baby without having one! YES!!!!!

  4. SO many people i know are pregnant too, it's crazy. and being an aunt is totally the best!

  5. haha people at work are all pregnant but no one in the family is. I keep telling my boyfriend's cousins to have kids so I can play auntie!

  6. College women having their menstrual cycles at the same time?.. yeah, that was hell. I remember a lot of crying and people going bat shit crazy at the sorority house.

    And all of my friends are pregnant too.

  7. All of my roommates and me got our cycle at the same time and then one of them actually ended up getting pregnant and we had a conversation similar to this! We were really glad pregnancy didn't work the same way your monthly cycle does when you're close!


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