Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Online Dating Profile

I always worried about finding love, like always.
Being single through all four college years was pretty much unheard of in my family, but whatever. 
I wasn't about to waste my parents time introducing them to guys that I knew wouldn't be around for a while, so I didn't.  But the real reason is single college life is the BEST  I couldn't trick someone into dating me  college single life is the BEST.

 To meet new people post college (girls and guys) I involved myself in new activities, I tried joining a social sports league, went out with co-workers, and reconnected with people I wasn't so close with through my college life that were still in the area.
And then just like that I got lucky, and met this guy. (read the full story here).

So I never got to try online dating, but I think it would a blast!!!
Sorting through all those people you don't want to wast your time with, laughing at their selfies and descriptions, and getting free meals (I wouldn't stand for going dutch, if a guy wanted to go dutch, I would probably stand up and leave at that moment).

But IF I had had the opportunity to online date, my online dating profile might have sounded (and looked) something like this.

ABOUT ME: I am a fun loving girl who enjoys living life to the fullest. 
BODY TYPE: Fit/Athletic
HEIGHT: 5'8''+
 ETHNICITY: White/Caucasian
INTERESTS: In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, trying new things, traveling, and baking.  I am an avid mountain goer, and enjoy the lake in the summer and skiing in the winter.  To relax I read and watch TV.
ACTIVITIES: I really enjoy running, skiing, and biking.  I also enjoy traveling and plan to have seen as much of the world as I can before I am gone.  I seek new adventures, am rarely opposed to going someplace/trying something new.
 FAVORITE MOVIES:My favorite movies are Top Gun, Father of the Bride, any 007 Bond film, and
FAVORITE MUSIC: I am a sucker for country and today's hits, but love me some good classics and oldies as well.

And I would for sure get tons of hits if these were my profile pictures.
1. Shows I am fun, and wear short dresses (on occasion)
2. Yup, I am outdoorsy (every guy has to like that)
3. I have energy (I get active)
4. What guy can resist puppies??
5. I am worldly
6. I can actually put myself together and look half decent.

SEEKING: Male ages 25-30 who enjoys life to the fullest and isn't opposed to trying new things.

Have you ever online dated.
Any good stories??

Where do you put that you are a blogger?
Would that freak the guy out?
Maybe he'd think he'd end up all over you blog, just like every ex of Taylor Swifts ends up in a song.


  1. this is fun! I liked your rational on the pictures, very cute!

  2. My screenname when I was onling dating was "bloggersar" so they knew I blogged up front, but I never gave them my URL, 'cuz I'd prefer them not to be able to stalk me until we've met in person at least twice. But that's just me. ;) It eneded up being a TON of fun and I'd totally do it again if I weren't in love with a man--whom I met online. ;)

    Love your blog, Kaylin! Found you while blog stalking/via Twitter!

  3. This made me think of the time in college when I had just gotten off of an airplane so I was all woozie and we made me an online dating profile. What site was that? Plenty of Fish? Oh my gosh that wound up being so entertaining.

  4. haha this is too cute. Love your blog.


  5. Oh I love this blog. Online dating is definitely interesting and do I have stories to share. I think you may have inspired a blog post for me. One instance was a guy who seemed totally great. We met halfway, at a classy restaurant and all he wanted to do was walk around the outdoor mall. Never bought me a drink, dinner, nothing! It was 45 minutes of walking around trying to keep up with a guy who was walking like a maniac with crazy long legs (he was like 6'7"). Finally I pleaded a blister and took myself to the movies.


  6. Yes! I met my husband through online dating. Turns out he was 900 miles away though, but we still made it work!:D

  7. Bring those puppies tomorrow will ya??

  8. ha ha loved this. I'd call if if you posted that puppy photo! :) New follower here!! :)

  9. this is awesome. I'm not sure if I would put down that I'm a blogger. too much to fast!

  10. I loooove Father of the Bride. Every time he freaks out in the grocery story about hot dog buns, I die.

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