Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keep Your Blonde, Blonder

I wish I were telling you the truth when I said this picture was taken today, but it wasn't
It was taken two damn weeks ago.
Roots - 5 
Kaylin - 0

How did they get so out of control?
I'm not even sure.

But in $120 dollars and 5 hours, I'll be back to blonde, 
just the way I like it.

If only I could will my hair to grow out the color I wanted it.
In efforts to combat the never ending root issue- I bought purple shampoo.
 Supposedly it will help tone the roots and keep the dyed blonde, blonder and less ashy.

With summer on the way, and hopefully many lazy days by the lake,
the roots should be a none issue because of the sun....

or at least lets hope so.


  1. Can't wait to hear how the shampoo does!

  2. John Frieda Controlled lightening spray! You need it! It's seriously like highlight in a bottle... I start spraying it in my hair as soon as I get roots ;)

  3. When I used to highlight my hair (huge mistake) I used purple shampoo and it really does work!! Keep that blonde, blonde, gurlfrann!

  4. Purple shampoo always reminds me of my Grandma! She always used it, except her hair was grey/white, and in the sun it almost looked purple from the shampoo. haha. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

  5. When I was blonde I used an Aveda purple shampoo and not only did it work it was actually reasonably good for your hair! (Which doesn't occur with most products for blondes!)xx

  6. I don't color my hair, but the gray starting to poke through is telling me different, so I will have to keep this in mind :) And you rock that "ombre"! or at least until your blonde bombshell hair appointment ;)

  7. I am addicted to my blonda shampoo. It doesn't help with my roots but it keeps my blonde from getting brassy.

  8. purple or blue shampoo really does work. herbal essences has both color options, but it helps tone down any brassy-ness as well. I use the John Frieda "Go Blonder" shampoo and conditioner, as well as the lightening spray. The shampoor and conditioner is less harsh (lightens in 7-8 shampoos). The lightening spray contains peroxide, so it truly does lighten. I use the spray every couple of shampoos and make sure I switch out the John Frieda shampoo with my purple/blue shampoo. It really DOES help/work to keep me lighter between salon visits! :)


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