Thursday, March 7, 2013

Puppy Boarding School

So this might sound funny, and laugh all you want, but our dog, this little one...

is going to boarding school.
No she isn't crazy mis-behaved, no she's not a threat to anyone's safety,
and no she hasn't eaten all my shoes.
But we're sending her to a six week camp to 'refine' her behavior if you will.

And just to be clear, for those that are judging right now, we did take our puppy to month's of training when she was super little.  I spent an hour plus every day working with her, training her.  So  I just want to make that clear so you aren't thinking I am cop out fur Mom who doesn't want to put the effort into training her dog, etc.  Because I have put in many hours, and I will continue to do so in the future.  

But while she is gone I am going to miss my Baby girl...

My running partner is taking a leave of abscence
Coming home just won't be the same without the wagging tale
I probably won't vacumn as much as I should while shes gone
Morning yawns and stretching will have to be done solo
My cuddle buddy will be MIA
Shuffling feet won't be walking down the hall all day
My camera roll will be so empty (read my instagram will be boring)
I won't get to see my darling boyfriend dote over her daily
I'll have no make up assitant
The kitchen floors might have a few more scraps on them
and the list goes on...

But what I have to think about is her lifetime.
She's going to be around for another 12+ (hopefully more) years.
She's going to be there with us through it all, family reunions, house parties, family additions, late nights, date nights, early mornings, and every day life.  She'll be there when our family grows, and she'll be shocked when we get another little puppy (in seven to eight years)...

And what shes going to learn at camp, will be a lifetime of behavior that is perfect for our family.  Perfect for what we need her to be, and that will be worth it.

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