Friday, March 22, 2013

Man Time

Man time is important.
I've come to realize and accept this.
I didn't take me a long to accept, but at times I get selfish, and have to remind myself that guy time is just as important as my girls night out, mani/pedis, and long phone conversations.

They need time to talk about how many wings they ate the other night, the new Pawn Stars episode, their online games, schwacking their beef (even if they don't do it (yup I just said that deal with it)), and the beer they just tried.
Hey, they are guys.

I know what I just wrote above doesn't make me seem like a romantic, but I am.
If you read this, this, or this post you would know that's true.
But I'm also realistic.

Beer Fest Circa June 2012

We can't expect guys to hang out with us crazy ladies all the time.
They have to do stuff for them, like we have to do stuff for us.
This doesn't make us selfish, it makes us human.

Between my after work fitness classes, girls nights, getting my hair did, blogging, reading my books, shopping, and other things I spend much of my time doing away from my boyfriend, it's ludicrous to think that he wouldn't need to some the same.

I don't spend time away from him because I don't love him, because I don't like spending time with him, or because we don't have a healthy relationship.
I spend time 'away' from him doing things for me, because it helps make our relationship better.
 It keeps the balance.

And this is why they need to do the same.
I expect him to go out without me and grab a drinks with a buddy, and enjoy that man time,
because he's so understanding when I do MY things.
I love him.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Is your man gettin' some guy time this weekend?


  1. Girl time. Like when we spend an hour and a half on the phone in the morning because you are going away for 2 weeks. Waaaaa. I already miss you. Nav needs more man time, for sure. To be fair, he has 2 hours at home before I get home so I think he does all his ESPN watching/video game playing then.

  2. Ha Ha- I love your realism :)

  3. 100% agree with it all! If he doesn't want to hear about the new shoes I found, or who was yelling at who on The Real Housewives, then I don't want to hear typical guy stuff either haha. And um... Beer Fest?? Where is this and when are you taking me?? ;)


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