Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIW: I'm Leaving Edition

I am currently on a plane on my way to RIO!!!!
I'll be out the country 'til the April 2nd.
I can't freaking wait to relax for 10 (whole) days.

I have pre-schedueled all my posts, so hopefully you won't miss me too much while I'm 'gone'. 
My responses however might not happen until I just hang in there will you?
Thanks in advance for your patience!!!

I found this shirt at Target for $12.99
I couldn't resist.
Two tone, zipper in the back, colorful...
what more could a girl blogger ask for?
Boots//Target circa 2011
 These boots are also from Target, years ago.
I often wish I had gotten two pairs.
  I feel like sometimes it's the cheapest shoes,
 that they no longer make that I want more of.
I hope you are all having a great day!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Um, how adorable are you!?!?!? LOVE this outfit on you!

    1. Thanks :) I went for simple!!! And I mean let's not even get started about are stinkin' cute too!!!

  2. I'm there ALL the time and missed this shirt.. boo! It's adorabs, as are you :) Have a great trip!


    1. Right? I almost missed it too, it's passed the normal cloths section and almost in the maternity section. Keep your eyes peeled!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks :) That's my plan. We are heading to the airport now.

  4. Have an amazing time! Can't wait to see pictures when you return!! Thought of you when I saw that gap had their t-shirts for sale for $10 :) i had to grab a few!!

  5. Have fun on vacation! So jealous :) You look great in this outfit, can't believe you got it from Target for so cheap!

  6. Rio! That's so awesome. Have fun!

  7. Cute outfit! You look awesome! Have a great trip. =)

  8. Love the shirt! what's even more adorable about it is the price and the fab necklace you paired with it, of course ;) Hope you are having such an amazing time in Brazil!


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