Thursday, February 28, 2013

12 Things To Do BEFORE Your Vacation

So I am no travel expert.
I would say if you had to rate my 'traveling skills' on the scales used to judge a ski slope, I'd be 'intermediate'.

I don't jet set all the time, although I would LOVE too.
 BUT I have been a few places, you may have read about some of my trips here, here, and here.

But I do leave for Brazil in twenty days, #butwhoiscounting
This picture is me on day 29 of 30, circa 2008. 
In Munich, hostel-less at 11:30pm.

That being said there are a few tips that I have for you; things that you should do BEFORE you TAKE OFF.  They are really in no particular order, although some might seem more important than others, to me they are ALL important, TRUST me.

1. Scan your ID and Passport and email it to yourself. Then put it in a folder so you always have it.  I named my folder 'do not loose'.  This way if for whatever reason you loose, misplace, or get your stuff stolen, you still have your numbers, expiration dates, etc.

2. Talk to your Doctor.  If you're traveling some place that you've never been, call your doctor and see if there are any additional vaccinations that you need.  Many of these have to be taken a week prior to your take off, so call sooner rather than later. I had to get typhloid for our trip to Brazil!!!

3. Pre-Order your monthly prescriptions. THIS IS A BIG ONE. Especially for us ladies on le pill.  If you will be gone when you would normally pick you your prescription, be sure you call to get a vacation over ride BEFORE you leave, so you'll have all the prescriptions you need before you go.

4. Call your phone provider and/or go into the store.  Often there are small little package you can add to your phone to make talking and texting more economical.  That being said I usually just put my phone on airplane mode, then turn on the wireless, and load up my skype account.  Then I can call people over the wireless for pennies of what you would pay through your plan.  You can also text through skype....yay!!!

5. Contact your bank.  Sometimes when you go over seas, and your bank does not know, they shut off your account when they see any large withdrawals and/or funny locations.  How terrible would it be if you were left moneyless in Europe, Thailand, or Mexico....yeah that would suck  be terrible (my Mom hates that word).

6. Pack a pair of fluffy socks!!! Ladies this one is mostly for you.  But if I'm not crazy, which sometimes I think I am, my feet get SOOOO cold on the airplane.  So after three or four trips of frozen tosies, I got smart.  I packed a pair of fluffy socks in my carry on to wear while in the air.  It's totally worth it!!! I actually found it made it easier for me to sleep on board!!!

7. Ladies - listen up, this one might save your life.  Wear a scarf when you travel.  Why you ask??? Because it's a blanket in disguise.  But seriously there is this staple 'travel' scarf I have it's huge, and expands to be the size of a small blanket.  If I am cold, I unwrap it and wear it over my shoulders, and viola, so warm. Smart, I know - this one makes me feel like a genius.

8. Pre- charge your E-reader. Don't be the dummy who shows up at the airport with a non-charged kindle. I mean they hold charge for SOOO long, for most average vacations you wouldn't even need a charger.  Also be sure that you have pre-downloaded all your books. One or two more than you think you'll need, because if your flight is cancelled, or delayed, you'll need something to can only people watch for so many hours...

9. For all your online shoppers, please please please don't make the rookie mistake.  Be sure you don't have any outstanding orders that will be arriving while you are gone.  If you do, I would contact the shipping company in advance and/or coordinate someone to get it on your behalf.  Sometimes you have to leave a written note with the person watching your house that says you give permission for them to sign on your behalf.  Some even require an ID.  Look into this!!!

10. This is a oldie, but a goodie.  Make a packing list, and like St. Nick, check it twice.

11. Get your hair did. Let's be honest, vacations are like having a photo shoot daily.  And these pictures will likely be sent to family and friends online, posted on facebook, or put up on your blog. You DON'T want to be the fool with terrible roots, or old color.  Freshen it up!!!

12. Pack extra undies.  Just when you think you have enough (read two pairs/day) pack four more.  There is NOTHING worse then not having a clean pair, nothing...

Think that's about it ladies.
Hope you all found this helpful!!!


  1. Hey girl!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.. I love it when people leave their blog addresses- I love finding new blogs & new friends!! Thanks for stayin!

    p.s. #1 is SO SMART!
    I would have NEVER thought of that. Whenever I travel out of the country I'm so paranoid about losing my passport!

    Loved this post!


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Right, you can always have it with you!!!

  2. these are great tips! that's awesome that you're going to brazil...the radio morning show i had was just talking about visiting there and how you have to get a visa!

    1. Right, we just got our email saying our Visa's were approved this morning!!!

    2. ahh that's exciting! hope you have an awesome trip!

  3. Sooo is it bad that #1 has never even crossed my mind?! And I generally feel extremely prepared when we travel, ha!

    1. Not bad, glad you learned something!!!

  4. FALSE: You are a travel expert. You have traveled more than anyone else I know! This is a great list. I think the scanning and emailing the passport/ID to yourself is the smartest one. Everyone knows someone who lost their passport like a dummy.

    1. Thanks, sometimes I feel like I am...sometimes I feel like I'm not!!!

  5. Hey girl - Just hopped over to your blog and am your newest follower! I'm jealous of all your trips.... I was once young and traveling as much as you! Love this list too. I'd only add one old school one, but I always have a printed map. Did you ever see that show where all electricity in the world shut off? I just wouldn't want to rely on electronics when I can have a few sheets of a printed map JUST in case! :) Also, check the voltage changes in the new country. Might need a converter for that hairdryer! Anyway, love the blog and can't wait to read more (and see travel pics!) and hope you'll follow back!

    1. Crazy, I never even thought of that. I should probably grab a map of Rio. And yeah, the power converter too!!!Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Thanks for the great tips! when you pack, do you use those vacuum sealer bags? I have learned to love those! and most hotels will let you "borrow" their vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of them when you're packing for home.. so you can fit more souvenairs :) xoxo

    1. Way good idea...why didn't I think of that ???


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