Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding Lists...

Top 3 Things Not to Do at a Wedding.
As told and experienced by me.

1. Drink TOO much:

Note to self- drinking too much at the wedding of the family you plan on having as in laws someday is probably NOT the way to win them over, just in case you were wondering. Don't know of you remember the wedding from this post, but I have never come 'clean' as to what really happened...
The cocktail hour, the champagne toast, the wine toast, the bridal party and groomsmen shots, and dancing cocktails really snuck up on me. And looking at that list- boy WHAT was I thinking???  Well the answer is I wasn't, I was breaking it down hard core making a fool of myself on the dance floor.

Somewhere after that and before I thought the front door the the hotel room was the bathroom, my boyfriend had escorted me to the room- shut the door and instructed me to 'stay in here'. But when nature calls when the toilet is calling sometimes you get disoriented and lock yourself out of the room, in your towel. Yeah that happened. Good news his neighbor got a show found me, called my boyfriend, who came to let me in the room for a second time.
Good Kaylin, way to make a lasting impression...NOT.
If you do this, which I do NOT advise doing, just rock it out.
That's all the advice I have on this one.

2. Wear a Dress the Same Color as the Bridesmaids (or Bride, but that's a given)

Check that one off the list, because yup, I've done that too.
Just look at me (far left) and bridesmaid (dead center).
I was at a wedding of my brother best friend (I've known him for years), and so I wasn't really in touch with the colors of the wedding, etc.  So I ordered a dress from Nordstrom thinking it'd be perfect. Perfect it was, perfectly the exact same shape, color, and almost cut as the bridesmaids.
Oh my bad, I'll be sure to never do that again.

I'd be one thing if I were clearly 'too old' to be in the wedding party, but I wasn't, so I looked like a wannabe, add on, and that was just embarrassing for me.  And for that matter, so is this photo.

3. Accidentally Say the Wrong Name During your Speech

Nope, I'm not guilty of this one (yet), leave it to me to do all of these in my lifetime.
But I have heard it done.  I was at the super fancy spancy wedding in Scotland.
(Kilts are so darned good lookin' on men, it's true). 

 It was a second wedding for both the Bride and the Groom, and during the 'congratulatory' speech the Bride's cousin called the Groom by the Bride's ex-husbands name.  It was brief, and I am sure no one noticed everyone noticed, but understood, and just saw past it.  We went on to have an AWESOME celebration, and we soon forgot about that craziness. 

I can't say it wasn't thoroughly awkward, because it was.  I am just thankful the groom was so gracious, and did not allow this experience to ruin the wedding reception, or his night

What I am also thankful for, is the fact that I was not guilty of all three items on my list.
So this is my list so far of things no to do at a wedding.
I know there are more, tons more.
As I live through and find myself guilty of others (as I am sure I will), I'll let you know.

Any good wedding stories to share?


  1. HAHA locked yourself out of the hotel room while looking for the bathroom. Hilarious! Always funny to look back at the memory. :)

    1. Right...I mean it was a brilliant moment. If you will. And yeah it is funny to look back on now!!!

  2. Here's a handy tip: don't let any other well-intentioned, but ill-mannered gentleman propose to his girlfriend at the wedding. If you see any gent "tying his shoe," knock him over and blame it on your shoes. Then, say, "boy, I'm glad you were just tying your shoes, because that would be ridiculous if you were trying to propose at someone else's big day."

    Go ahead and file that away for safe keeping.

    1. Are you kidding...that's a new level. I can't even imagine that. Like seriously WTF mate? Save that for later.

      Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Wow looks like you've had some seriously good ole times!! Just remember to always keep some clothes on when you're "locked" in your room by your bf ;) haha...

  4. Hahahaha!!! This post is hilarious! But at the same time very sound advice. I've done the drink too much, but gotta remember the bridesmaids dress color thing.. :)


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