Sunday, February 24, 2013

Three Bs and a T

You know your weekend is goin' to be a good one when you enjoy two four glasses of wine on Friday and wake up to your favorite breakfast, in bed, the next morning.
Seriously best thing ever.
I even got hot chocolate to go with it.
This made my day.
It was so unexpected. I didn't even hear him in the kitchen cooking up a storm.
Gosh, I'm a lucky gal.

The three B's stand for
1. Breakfast in 2. Bed, 3. Bachelorette and the T is for 1. Target.
Really exciting I know, but I had to lure you in with my title name, so you'd read this.
On to Bachelorette, I finished the Bachelorette party invites.
I love they way they came out.
(I changed the brides name for her privacy)

I got some of the inspiration and design idea from etsy, and them I specialized the rest.
It was all done on pages (if you have a Mac and don't have pages, please stop reading and buy it now).  The other thing that was super helpful was dafont.

If you are not familiar with, it's  a website with tons and tons and tons of fonts that are downloadable.  I have SOOOO many fonts in my font book thanks to this website it's amazing.
Like the font Chicago is written in with the city scape in the back ground.

I just saved myself $40 bucks.
I designed my own, printed at home, and glued on black.
 Sealed in a silver envelope (pack of 20 for $5.99 at Michaels),
and viola.

 And one last thing.
I went to Target this weekend, found more goodies there.
A pair shorts, some tupper wear, and deodorant.
They also come in really cute anyone???
I have more to come on these shots later.

P.S. Here is my breakfast!!!

Happy weekend to you all!!!


  1. Those invitations are perfection! I obviously need a Mac and this Pages thing you're talking about so I can start making things like this as well.

    1. Thanks :) I think you'd love pages!!!! It's the S***

  2. Such a cute invitation!!! And I need that breakfast to be waiting in bed for me tomorrow morning - looks so good!

    1. Don't know what I did....It was awesome :)

  3. Umm that breakfast looks better than something I could cook. Also, I have pages and I seriously want to figure out how we can screenshare our macs and you can give me a lesson. Cause that ish looks amazing.

    1. Yeah lets figure out a way to do that.. IT's seriously amaze-a-balls!

  4. The invite looks great! And 4 is the magic number huh? Cause I have finished a bottle before and no breakfast for me and I think that deserves breakfast and lunch! haha ;) Looks like a great weekend girly!

    1. I agree you deserve breakfast and lunch!!!


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