Monday, February 25, 2013

Buy This Not That...I Shop Smart (sometimes)

So I spent some time at Target this weekend, as you may have read about here.
I left with a few goodies, but made it out for under $50 bucks.
 Who is the real winner here????

But that's not what this post is about, it's about a few things I discovered, that I thought I should share with you all.  Nothin' super crazy, so don't get too excited!

Now, as you may know I'm no fashion blogger, and I don't always find the best deals.
But I feel like I have some pretty solid advice.
So read up to save some green!!!

Now normally, Target has the best deals, as you'll see below, but in this case, F21 wins.
I have five zillion too many scarves,  as I am sure we all do we are bloggers after all, but they are just so easy to throw on.

I first spotted these sandals at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, and needed them, because much like everything in the spring section at stores, everything I have purchased recently is neon.
I also peed my pants with excitement when I saw Target had done me good with a knock off.
I have yet to see them in store, but they are available online. Don't worry, I ordered up!!!

Last, but not least, these shorts from Target are the long lost twin of the ones from Express.  You see they were separated at birth!!!  I tried both pairs on, and ended up with the ones from Target (I'm glad I held out, I was at Express first, and went to Target after to hit the Jack Pot!!!)

I hope this helped some of you save some money.
If not, at least you got to do some online window shopping!!!!
Anyone else have some good 'Buy This Not That' tips???
Please share with a comment!!!


  1. I had no idea Target had a knock off pair of those shoes... I NEED them!! Going to Target this weekend!

    1. I bought them online. But yes they are quite fabulous!!!

  2. Those shorts look great! They look just like the J Crew ones!

    1. Except WAYY cheaper. THey are super cute on TOO!!

  3. I was eyeing these neon shoes on Nordy's online and almost bought them minutes before I stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for saving me some $$$! I guess technically I didn't save any money because I bought two other pairs of sandals as well... Oops! ;) New follower! xo

    1. OH em gee. So glad you found me. And I call that the 'Target Special' yeah you probably spend the same amount you would have for one item at Nordstrom, but you got five things!!!

  4. That's it... now I have the urge to go to F21 and Target now! I am all about the better deals! Thanks for the tips my leopard better half ;)

    1. Welcome!!! Can't wait for next week :)


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