About the Blonde

Twenty something California gal- who's called one town home forever.
I still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but I feel like I still have time.
I have a great family, and the best boyfriend. My dad is my super hero, and my brother has tied him for this title.

I live for mountain days, be it snow or sun.  I can tear the hill up on skis, but also love me some Nordstrom shoe shopping, and mall going.  Snail mail is my specialty, I can thank my Mom for this, and swinging can make even the worst of days better.

Things I can dig:
Smell after it rains
Fresh powder
Lazy Sundays
My kindle
Fresh salads
Cuddles and Snuggles
The mountains
The Bachelor/ette
My puppy, Zoey
Long runs
My Kindle

Things that are no bueno:
Not getting to eat breakfast
Not being able to find the pair of shoes in the morning
Being interrupted before the end of the chapter
Forgetting one thing in the house and having to go back
It's my personal challenge to see how many fun adventures I can live to tell tales about when I am older.

If you care to, join me on my adventure, and if you have questions, just holler!


  1. Lazy Sundays and The Bachelor/ette. Yes, yes and yes. I live for both. How sad is that? I wish I had a puppy and lived in California - sounds fabulous.

    1. Glad we are one of a kind with our trash TV... CA is pretty nice!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I am a California girl born & raised also! And, amen to praying for snow! Where do you ski? We have a place in Tahoe & love squaw!!

  3. This is a super cute about me page!
    I've just stumbled on your blog from BEAUtiful mess and thought i'd have a look around :)
    Off to check out some more (stalk your blog haha).


  4. LOVE THIS!!! What part of cali are you from? & I have called home in the same small town my whole life too!!

  5. skipping breakfast is the worst!

  6. I am from California too! Miss it everyday!

  7. So nice to meet you!
    I just stumbled upon your blog!
    I am now following you & on twitter as well! I look forward to keeping up!


  8. I also love traveling. I have been on the search for some good blogs involved in travel so I am pretty excited to get on board with yours.

    xo. Kailagh


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