Monday, May 5, 2014

On Motherhood

Having a little one in the terrible twos can be exhausting.  Take this weekend for example when she spent all of Saturday begging, and I mean begging to go to great grandmas pool to beat the heat.  When we finally loaded up, and delivered on her endless whines by taking her for a quick swim, she proceeded to 'shake' right next to me every single time, leaving me soaked to the bone.  But after almost an hour of diving, I was wet, and she was ready to come home.

This picture was snapped moments before she ran off to the car, only after being sternly reminded three times that no, she could not jump back in the pool.  Seconds before the picture,  I had opened the towel and welcomed her in my arms, and for that second I felt like I 'real' Mom.

I don't mean the word 'real' to sound offensive, because the modern take on Mom can encompass anything and everything, which embrace myself.  To Zoey, I am Mom, and my fiance often references me as Mom when talking to her which I, not so secretly, love.

What I think strikes me most about this picture is, I know it will exist again in my life.  I get that this exact picture won't 'exist again', but the premise of the picture will exist again, which is the feeling I was overwhelmed with.  I am confident that in my lifetime, I will have pictures like this with nieces and nephews, and at some point, my actual child and children.

Bending down to welcome and comfort with a warm embrace, wrapping them up tight to shower them with love demonstrated in that moment in the form of incessant kisses, and smiling so big for the camera that most certainly the lens won't be able to capture warmth and fullness the heart is feeling will happen again.

I'm already a Mom, but someday when my role as 'Mom' has a longer definition and bigger job description, we'll be making memories like the one captured here.  We'll have this moment again together, and that is what makes my heart so full and happy.

I've got lots to be thankful for.


  1. Love this post. So true! Those furbabies have us wrapped around their fingers. I am scared to think what I'll be wrapped around when I have human children!

  2. I love love love this so much! Aaron refers to me as "Mommy or Momma" when talking to Bella and I love it. They know who their Mom's are for sure. We care for them when they aren't feeling well, feed them, and snuggle them. I love every second of it. Even after she jumps on me to wake me up before the sun on a Saturday.

  3. Such an adorable puppy! I can definitely relate to this too! I have two lab mixes under 6 months old, and from day one they have been testing my patience. I love them, of course, but yes- it is exhausting at times!


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