Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Get Your Friends to Buy You Presents and Other Things I'm Loving

Dress//Target $19.99 Can't find it online yet
Scarf//Gap (gift-ish)
Sandals//Target (three years old)

So when I saw this elephant scarf at Gap, months ago, I knew I had to have it. So instead of buying it as a present to myself, I found a friend, (okay I had the friend already) who owed me money.  I had her buy it for me to 'pay me back', so it really just felt like she was buying me a 'happy day' present, which I can't complain about.  And that right there my friends is how you get presents from your friends. Hello guilt free scarf, I love you. 
As a side note I used to have many 'decorative' ceramic elephants, but when I moved in with my boyfriend I thought he might find that strange, so I donated them in hopes that someone else would enjoy them as much as I had.  Yup, you nailed it, I'm a weirdo.

And some other things I've been lovin' on lately:

Tee shirt dresses in every color (thanks Target)
Fake Bake Self Tanner (clearly not used in these pictures)
My new jeans, now only it were cooler
Illumintor, I bought this one
 Cooler summer days and weekends
Summer smooties, been making this one
Seeing lots of my friends
Early morning runs with my little
and a whole lot of Mexican food.

Happy Wednesday ladies, we're almost there.


  1. Girl. you are adorable (and that scarf!)

  2. I have an elephant habit myself...

  3. Loving that dress! The scarf is the perfect accent.

  4. You so gorgeous my blonde half. And that dress needs to be online already. Love it...even more with that friggin cute scarf!

  5. I want this entireeee outfit. So cute!

  6. Hottie. Seriously, you look great! And that scarf is adorable!

  7. love the dumbo scarf!!!! but i am a weird too and love elephants.

  8. Adorable! I need that dress in my life RIGHT NOW. Did you get it recently?

  9. I need that dress in my life. I wonder if anyone owes me money...

  10. That's one awesome friend you have it sounds like :) Love the dress and scarf!

  11. mexican is sooo good in the summer. though i do love it year round. and i almost bought that dress... in that color. great minds must think alike ;)

  12. SUCH A CUTE SCARF! And thanks to you, I just bought that fake bake sounds great from the reviews!

  13. That's an awesome scarf!! I recently bought an elephant print top from the Gap outlet. Oh how I'd love to be extra obnoxious and wear the scarf with my top. Haha! But back to you - you're adorable, and yay for make shift presents!

  14. I adore this shirt dress a lot, esp when paired with the scarf! You look lovely :)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  15. Adorable outfit! And good call on the scarf troll :) That sounds exactly like something that I would do :) Thank you for following (and finding) me! Returning the love!

  16. Super cute outfit!! Love the scarf :)

  17. Ohhh I got that dress only in the reddish orange color and I'm loving it on you. Didn't and haven't tried it on yet so I wasn't sure what I'd think about it...and I LOVE the scarf!


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