Thursday, August 15, 2013

Becuase We're Just Not Old Enough For That

It's been over two years since I've seen her, which is basically like suicide in best friend world. 
Oh what the East Coast and mid twenties will do to friendships post college...almost impossible.

The last time we met up for a short weekend in Boston where she drove 6+ hours through a terrible storm to spend two short nights with me and some friends, drunkenly.  But we made time count by seeing a Red Sox game, and cuddling in bed together.

But in the middle of a serious (yet medically unidentified) quarter life crisis she booked a ticket to CA, and we'll be reunited once again, and she's here.  Thank bejeezus.

This weekend we have ideas of doing super adult things like going to coffee shops, eating nice dinners, and taking a zillion pictures for our blogs, all of which I'm sure we'll do.

I'm also certain that the coffee might just be Starbucks as we stumble down the street, our meals might not be quite as nice as we planned, and majority of our pictures will end up looking like this one (which admittedly was taken while we were stone cold sober).
But I'll leave that up to fate.

Maybe in our thirties we'll be ready for fancy dinners, spa days, and coffee dates.


  1. i have many sober photos like that! it's crazy what living in a house of girls will do for your camera.

  2. Have fun! And make a lot of fun memories to look back on when you are both old...I mean wise and sophisticated ladies.

  3. How exciting that she gets to come and visit! Hope you guys have tons of fun!


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