Thursday, July 11, 2013

She's Coming

 If this is what it takes to have her back in California, I'll take it.
(but seriously click on the link it's hilarious!!!!)
Can't wait to be reunited with my bestie.
36 days and counting
What is she really you might ask?

Nadine Is:
Random Phone Calling
An Outfit Picking Outing
Duet Singing
A Drink Finishing
Silly Face Making
Honest Opinion Giving
Ridiculous Giggle Fitting
 Most Judging
Most Loving
Good Book Recommending
Flip Flop Loving
Best Friend Supporting
Age Denying
Partner in Adventure-ing (and Crime)
Road Trip Warrior-ing
Random Trip Visiting
Terrible (sometimes) at Texting
Your Hair Isn't Blonde Enough Commentating
Sorority Sister(ing)
Late Night College Drinking
Fellow Akon Loving (by default)
Country Belting
Cut Off Jean Short Wearing
Last Call at 2am Go-ing
We Can Study Later Saying
East Coast Living
Archie Obsessing
Wine Sipping
Boyfriend Domesticating
 Scared of Flying
Grown Up Attempting
Let Be Young Forever Thinking
Did We Already Graduate Wondering
What Will We Do With Our Lives Pondering
Forver21 Shopping
Frugal Budgeting
Silly Dancing
Responsible Older Sibling
Let's Not Go Running
Great Blogging
Toe Ring Dawning
I'm Not To Old For a Belly Button Ring Hoping
 Silly Nick Name Giving
and a zillion more -ings

And I get to see her in 36 days.

P.S. This is probably a more accurate representation of our relationship.
It's going to be awesome.


  1. yall are so freaking cute!love the both of ya!

  2. funn!! love that last picture!

  3. Well, looks like I need to be planning a trip to Sac town in 36 days..2 blondes and a brunette have a blate..I like the sound of that :)

  4. well aren't you too just adorable. let the countdown begin!

  5. you two are seriously two of my favorites and i love both of you!!

  6. Awe, how awesome that she gets to come visit! Have a blast! x


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