Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TV is Making me Dumber (More Dumb)

Seriously, I CAN'T multi-task when I Real Housewives, I lose that innate female quality.  They just captivate me.   Something about Vickie's face Alexis's stupidity Lydia's smile their drama.
So as I sit here, catching up on the three episodes (yes I am that behind) I haven't seen, I wonder what it is I should write about.  I have started four posts, and deleted every single one, I guess this show really does make you dumber.

Should I confess that I bought a pair of Citizens at the Anniversary Sale (lusting over these too), that we (my boyfriend and I) ate store bought scalloped potatoes and they tasted exactly the same SUPER similar to homemade ones, or that I have five blisters on my feet from this weekend, because all of these things are true?
Probably none of those things, because they are not inherently interesting.
 But then I figured isn't that what bloggers do? Write about day to day, ideas, styles, dilemmas, DIY's, confusions, and feelings it in a way that intrigues others, perfect, so I digress.

When getting dressed the other morning, I found myself wondering if it's appropriate to wear to my new camo vest to work.  Most of my professional brain said no, but the other side said paired with a pencil skirt, it might barley pass.  So, I rocked it at the office, with no regrets. (I can't wait to wear this layered in the fall, just sayin').
And now, just for a play by play of my life I am watching Men Tell All, so I am for sure loosing more brain cells than I did during a night out drinking in college, but I am so one of those girls who got sucked in to the shows.  I won't deny it. I will also admit that Des is my least favorite bachelorette to date, Ali was my favey (and not just because she's blonde).

I will affirm for you though, that it freaks me out that more people watch the show than vote in the Presidential elections, and I vow that I am not one of them.  I exercise my right as a American (and female to vote, and let's just say I was not all that surprised (or completely thrilled) with the results of this years elections.

And now that I have rambled enough about my life.
I'll be done.


  1. Loving how you rocked the camo vest! And Real Housewives is my mind numbing past time for the days where I need my brain to slow down haha

  2. You did rock it! Love this outfit! And the RHOC is definitely something that needs to be watched while doing nothing else. Too much drama to even look away for a moment....and I love it!

  3. You can totally wear that best any old time you want. With the pencil skirt it is totally work appropriate. Love it!

  4. pair anything with a pencil skirt and it automatically becomes work approps.

  5. Love the color coordinated outfit :)

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post:

  6. Aren't you bold today? Camo & politics all in one post?!


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