Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To: Fight Getting Older

It's Wednesday, and I'm getting older
So I've taken matters into my own hands.
-I'm fighting Alzheimer's already. I started putting on my mascara with my left hand, apparently small things like this can help. I'm going better, just lots of focusing.

-Sunscreen on the daily, but seriously who doesn't do this?  I will say if you're not doing this you are dumb, like for real-zies, Dumb.
-Wearing clothes now that might be slightly inappropriate in five years.  Because if I don't make those stupid fashion choices (read the Camo vest I just bought that you'll be seeing soon!!!) (similar) now, when will I be able to do it?

-Spending irrational amounts of money on things for me, and by irrational I mean $50 bucks every now and then at Forever21. When your older you have to worry about Vacation funds, 401ks, and College accounts.  Oh what's that you say?? I should be doing that already...I admit I've already started, I just like to pretend I am not growing up. So every purchase is validated with, 'I'm young, and self-centered. There are worse things in life right?'
-I'm going to Chicago this weekend for a Bachelorette party and I intend on wearing short dresses and high heels and not caring, just like I did back when I was in college a year ago three years ago (shoot me know, this is so hard to say, acknowledge, and type)

-Hello moisturizer (of any kind), we're besties.  Especially the night cream moisturizer. I must get rid of these crows feet that have started to appear.
-Running, working out, and staying active.  This isn't new to my life, but it is for sure a great way to stay fit, feel good, and be healthy, which usually leads to a longer life.

-Laughing and smiling too much.  Because I have no reason not too.
I am pretty darned blessed.

This is how I feel about Wednesday.
I'll be wearing Maxi's long after they go out of style, I love pajama like clothes!!!


  1. Loved this post- I'll have to start doing little things like putting mascara on with my left hand, that's actually a pretty good idea! Have fun at your bachelorette party!

  2. you rock that college style dress like you're still in school this weekend !!!! getting old sucks.

  3. love that striped maxi!! i try to keep from getting old by never thinking about it until i go out to a concert and stay out a little too late then realize the next day i can't do that anymore. it is depressing...

  4. I'm afraid if I put on mascara with my left hand I'd be wearing it on my lips. Getting old is all a state of mind, I've decided, as long as you feel young you are young (said the old person who is 36 *sigh*).

  5. i need to try that mascara trick. can't wait to get younger. and college was 4 (gasp) years ago for me. help.

  6. Good tricks! I definitely do not want to get Alzheimer's!

  7. I had no idea that changing up little things like which hand I do my mascara with could help prevent alzheimers! That's awesome!

  8. Frivolous spending - check. Moisture(ew) - check. Starting to fuel my body and work out - check. Now I just need a camo vest and start using my left hand more! Who will need botox in 15 years? Not us! ;)

  9. I think laughter and smiling will keep you young longer than anything!

  10. This post is so appropriate for where I am at, right now.. thanks for sharing

    x Natalie


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