Monday, July 15, 2013

Becuase Summer Blog Life is Boring

I spent my weekend doing probably the exact same thing you were were doing.
Hanging out with friends, pool side afternoons, running errands, and eating maybe just too many tacos all happened in a 48 hour time.  Which supports my theory that summer life is just more awesome.
This was actually taken during our fourth of July weekend

Random and unrelated picture, but this is what happens when you leave my boyfriend home with four kinds under the age of ten, and I love it.  If you're wondering, he didn't let the dog pull his little cousin (he's smarter than that), but he did invent the easiest way to to take a two and a half year old on walk with the family.  Just pull him on the tricycle. Genius, simply genius.

Now back to the awesome business of summer.  Have you ever found that when you're doing more things, you actually have less to write about?  Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration, never, will I ever (hopefully) run out of things to write about, but I swear when life speeds up, blogging life slows down.  They are seemingly inversely proportional.

I was home this weekend and it felt refreshing, although I did stay quite busy, if you followed me on instagram, you'd know.  Now deep breath and prepare for two back to back Bachelorette parties (Chicago and Napa); I really can't complain.  There should be some epic photos, posts, and memories to follow.
Remember when I talked about making these hypothetically a few weeks months back?
I made them. Post to follow.


  1. the busier i am, it seems the harder it is to write posts. when i have more down time, i can come up with more ideas or diy's or something to write about - so i totally agree!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. see your bf is smarter than i am, because i totally would have let the dog run free with the kid strapped to the trike!

  3. This month is crazy busy... enjoy the fun and can't wait to see youuuuuuuu

  4. Ha Ha- That photo is too cute. Totally looks like something I'd come home to if I left the kids here with the Hubby!
    Your so right, my life is in warp speed right now. We are embracing every ounce of summer. I find myself NOT blogging like I should but it's okay....Life first, blog second :)

  5. It's so awesome that you wrote this post because I've been thinking the exact same thing lately but thought maybe it was just me! It's making me a little crazy actually because I feel like I'm doing more but I'm reflecting/thinking less, which makes it way harder to come up with blog posts.


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