Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's Always One

This weekend was spent wine tasting very classily, if that's even a word, for yet another (drum roll please) bachelorette party.  If classy is described as sitting in the trunk of the car riding vineyard to vineyard, leaving a toilet seat cover on your chair at lunch to avoid having cheek prints when you got up, and making pink panty droppers before going to dinner, then we nailed it.

When you get a group of girls together for a bachelorette party, there's a big chance that it's the first time they have all been together.  It's a cross roads of friends in your life; the meeting point of your childhood friends, future sister-in-law(s), High School besties, college roomies, and current co-workers, that come together to make a night or a weekend special.
And there's almost always that one.

You all know the one I am talking about, she's that girl.
The one who 'forgets' to bring a gift. The girl who NEVER buys a round at the bar.
The girl who has a suitcase full of clothes, but borrows everything she wears out. The lady who didn't bring her checkbook.  The gal who gets an appetizer for dinner, only to eat everyone else's left overs.  The one who smiles and says she's having fun, when the truth is written all over her face.  The girl who talks about all the texts she's getting, and the boy she's dating.  The gal who doesn't pick up what the group is throwin' down.  The lady who at moments, forgets it's all about the bride.


Seriously this just upsets me, anyone who has any common sense, attended a bachelorette party, or is in their middle twenties, knows none of this is appropriate, knows your pay for the bachelorette, and knows it's a weekend dedicated to the bride-to-be.

And sitting here writing this makes me feel like a such a b****.  So I've taken it upon myself to give her another mini bachelorette party, to ensure she gets to live it out in all her glory, because you only get married once, and in the words of Lydia, "If you work it right, once is enough."   And for this gal, I'm sure it will be. I can't wait for her wedding, and for that matter her second bachlelorette party.


  1. I have a friend like this and have finally decided to stop going to dinner with her. SHe always manages to pay a fraction for her dinner since our tip money magically went toward her entree. DUNZO with people like that.

  2. ugh those kinds of people drive me up the wall!! I have a cousin like that, she showed up at my birthday dinner once with NO money! then she spent all night at the bar begging my friends to buy her drinks.

  3. that's scary! i've only been to three bachelorette parties and they were relatively small so their were no issues,but i'm MOH in my friend's upcoming wedding so I'm planning the bridal shower + bachelorette party in September!

  4. I was in a friend's wedding in April and for her bachelorette party we went to the beach for the weekend. Her cousin ditched us at the bar, disappeared until after noon the next day, didn't spend the day on the beach/shopping/eating with us and then disappeared again when we went out the next night. The poor bride was so upset :(

  5. ahh man, i hate THAT girl.... but cheers to you for throwing another mini party ...even if it's just another excuse to party ;)

  6. "That" girl is always the worst!! I was just at a party and girls kept trying to split things up so much. Just suck it up and buy a round of drinks for the whole group!

  7. Yeah...I can't stand those "ones" and sadly there most of the time is "one". It's great of you to throw her another mini one...we did that for one of our friends too cause the other was a disaster. (remind me to tell you THAT story). And love that you quoted Lydia...makes the post that much more awesome ;) Glad you had a fun weekend nonetheless.

  8. oh noooooo. it started out sounding like so much fun!!!! Here's hoping party #2 is a drama free success!


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