Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Chicago Bachelorette

Chicago was in one word: Awesome.
But seriously, I'd go back to that city any time, but I'd stick to summer.
Walking around all bundled up doesn't seem nearly as fun as frolicking around in shorts and dresses, just sayin'. 

So today, I'll leave you with a photo dump, because if we're all being honest, I got back on Sunday night but am still in food coma and recovering from two nights of late night drinking, a friendly reminder that I'm not getting any younger, and my college years are long gone.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more for you.


  1. love that little black dress! too cute!

  2. looks like you guys had a blast! i am going to chicago for a wedding in september and am super excited about it, minus the plane ticket!

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Chicago! Looks like you had a blast! Maybe I'll just go get a Chicago dog for dinner tonight.

  4. Fun! You ladies all look so great! Did you write on the wall at Gino's East? Mine and Aaron's name are under the bar ;)

  5. I love Chicago!! Looks like an awesome weekend :)

  6. aww what a great time :) you gals are so adorable :)

  7. Great photos, this looks like such a fun day!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Absolutely love Chicago and Geno's East! Yum!


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