Tuesday, October 16, 2012

College: Four Years, Four Binders

I've been clearing all my belongings that my parents so kindly piled in their garage, and I came across ALL my college school work.
I had saved every quarters worth of essays, readers, notes, and tests. 
Thinking someday, maybe I'd reference them again.
Haven't though about them once since I graduated.

Here is what my four years (sixteen quarters) of college paired down to, after saving some writing sample, and class notes that I MIGHT use in the future.
Four binders.

Four measly binders.
This wouldn't make you think I went to a nationally ranked school would it????
Got you there, because I DID.
Thanks Mom and Dad for my college education.
Aren't you scared this is what I have to show for it???

But let's be honest sifting through all this school work made me nostalgic.
Not for classes, but for college life.
Although my four years of classes can be represented in four binders.
I have 2,209,284,573 pictures to show my four years.
 Those were the years.
No worrying about your 401K.
No facetime-ing with your best friend, because they live next door.
No wondering if three coffees in one day were too many?

There is nothing that will really prepare you for life after graduation.
Everything changes.

No more living with my best friends.
No more Monday sorority meetings.
No more working only 20 hours a week?
No more, "Can I borrow that shirt tonight?"
No more, what party are you going to?
No more campus culture.
No more every weekday weekends.

So this post is dedicated to my awesome college years.

When 3am bedtimes and 7:30 wakes ups were manageable.
When red cups and ping pong balls were found in every kitchen.
When matching shirts for every big event were standard procedure.
When biking was cooler than driving.
When Aunies Mac n Cheese was dinner more than once a week.
When Real Housewives and The Hills were weekly events.
When last minute road trips were normal.


I loved my college life (above)
In Better News.
I love my life now too (below)!!!

Happy Wednesday Ladies.
Hump Day.


  1. this post made me laugh and cry.... i miss college and everything you described is so true! Its weird being a grown up, tomorrow is an ASU football game, oh how I would love to tailgate on a thursday and party a night!


    1. Me too. The adult world is so weird. But I have learned to embrace it!!! Glad we're on the same page!!!

  2. this post is so tender. I graduated in december and I definitely don't miss the work load but I do miss all the fun times that were had! Luckily, I am now living on a college campus again in the married housing because my husband is in graduate school. haaha needless to say it is a lot different than living with roommates! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Living on campus is the best, but you are right nothin' beats undergraduate living.

      Thanks for the support!!!

  3. Seriously so true... Post grad life is so different. Miss the good ol college days, however life now is pretty great too.

  4. UGHHHH this made me miss college so much... I have been out for almost 4 years and it feels like just yesterday!

  5. 97% of what we learned in college was not in class. Although you definitely learned more than me in class, as I could often be found sleeping next to you (while you diligently took notes) in the lecture hall. Ahh, the good ole' days.

  6. awww this made me almost cry, i miss uni life so much! Especially the friend part, being three hours away from all my friends with no one my age living here is slowly killing me :(

    but that said, thankgod for those memories!


  7. Love this! And is that Back East Blonde I spot in some of those college pics? :)


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