Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore: Leopard Flare

So I rediscovered this Costco (<---yes you read that right, Costco) fitted collared shirt, and needed to wear it. Such a cute fit, who knew that something Dad picked up in a two pack back in college would still be in style? 

I am still so inimidated by all you fabulous fashion bloggers, but you inspire me.
To add layers.
Add flare.
Add accessories.
And fun.

So I tried with the vest.
The leopard shoes.
And sparkle leopard earrings.
Thought a statement necklace would have been too much???
You think?

Hope you All had a Fabulous morning.
This is how mine started.

Oh and Happy Halloween!
Ill be at home passing out candy tonight!!!


  1. no - I love it!! happy halloween!

  2. you look fabulous! great look. i love leopard loafers!


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