Monday, October 8, 2012

Are Short Boots In??

So I got these weeks ago at DSW.
Remember when I teased you about a fabulous find here???

Well ladies, these are the fabulous find.
Mid Calf Boots.

Now the real question.
Do these work?

I am nervous they would
1. Cut off my legs
2. Make my legs looks short and stalky
3. Make me look like big foot
You know the normal concerns about shoes...

Nothing about these screams, you'll look super girly and feminine, in my opinion that is.
I think they are more cute, fun, and entertaining.

But what do you think?
Do they work?
Or do I look like big foot?


  1. Yes they are in, work em! Look nice

  2. I worry about the same thing with my boots simliar to these. I have wide hips so it is scary!! But yours look great!

    1. Thanks, you should just go for it! Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. I like them and I love the way you styled them!

  4. I love the boots, but I see what you're saying about the height.... have you tried them with a skirt? They look cute no matter what though :)

    1. I'll have to try them with a skirt, is that too Country Girl?

  5. I think they are cute!! did you try styling with dress or skirt?


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