Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go: Just Jump Edition

This is the third edition of my Flashback Travel Series.
(See the first here and second here)

My final year of college (boy do those years seem like so long ago) a random boy moved in.
And by random, I mean random. None of us (my college roommates and I) had met him, and we only had one email confirming he was going to move in. 

If this sounds at all sketch. You are totally right. 
But I guess that's how those New Zealander's do it, because our roommate Brad showed up at our door on his move in date like his single email promised.

He was studying abroad in the United States and came to our Uni, as they say, for our water ski team. On his first day as a our roommate, I invited myself to come visit he and his family in New Zealand. 
Bold move you might say, a self invite.
 Yup, you're right.
But how else was this gal going to convince her parents she needed to go to New Zealand???
Gotta work the system folks.

We grew to be close, and Brad spent holidays with my family, and became the joking, proding, irritating in the most loving way brother. 

 We're in NZ on our way to Milford Sound
 which BTW looks like THIS:

Best state side memory of Brad, which is the funny part of the story.

Me: In the kitchen making breakfast in my boyshorts and t-shirt
Brad: Getting ready to leave for a water ski competition
Me: Blabbing on about nothing
Brad: Affirms my blabbing, and says, "Sweet As"
Me: What did you just say?
Brad: Sweet As
Me: Blank stare of shock
Brad: What
Me: You just said sweet A**, and you're my roommate
Brad: Oh in New Zealand Sweet As means, I affirm what your saying is cool.
Me: But in your accent it sounds like Sweet A**, and I am currently in my underwear.
Brad: Oh, yeah. You are.

A few short months later I had flown across the dateline and was in New Zealand.

New Zealand memory. Bungee Jumping, 440 feet.
The Nevis Pictured here.

Me Pictured Jumping Here
This was by far the most extreme sport thing I have ever done.
The fall felt like it lasted FOREVER, but when I came back up, I wanted to do it again.
Such an awesome adrenaline rush.

If you get a chance to bungee. 
Don't think Twice.

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  1. OMG bungee jumping!! You are so brave! How fun


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