Monday, October 22, 2012

Things Don't Always Go As Planned

This weekend I almost got eaten alive.

Just Kidding, but this is what I did do...

 Jewel Tones, always make for a good day.  Somehow they always make me feel wayyyyy more fashionable than I actually am. Gotta fake it to make it folks.
Our garage is clean, the floors are sealed, and everything is in it. We beat the rain by one 10 hours, we woke up to rain today (about darn time).  Anyways, remember when I wrote about it here, well it's finally done.  We thought it'd take an hour on Sunday, six hours later, the boys (and I) still weren't inside.
This 'walking pie' may have change my life, every time I eat one. I may have an extra one sitting in my freezer, as a 'Just In Case' pie.
Brushetta with homegrown tomatoes is a great Friday appetizer. It is also going to be great on the Margarita pizza I made with the left over.
You can hardly call this 'babysitting' when they are: in matching pajamas, matching positions, and watching Star Wars with you on your bed on Saturday night (and eating Honey Teddy Grahams). Then continue the cuteness by bragging about how awesome their night was to their sister.
This is how cute my dog is. Please don't stop yourself from thinking she might be the cutest puppy in the world, because she is.

One last thing.
I may have drown my afternoon in apple doughnut holes. 
How could I resist?

Get in my tummy.
You yummy, addicting, sugary morsels.

That was my weekend of nothingness (remember how excited I was about it???
It turned incredibly productive and busy.
I even missed a kick ball pot luck, because the garage was not finished and we had to beat the rain.
But I'll make it up to you ladies, I promise.
Pinkie promise, that is.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.
Oh, have I mention to you all how much I was the Roomba??
Real bad, like it's top on my Christmas/Random I Love You gift lists.
Second maybe to these comfy looking things.

Til Later Ladies, Keep It Real.

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