Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Fancy Huh???

Some might say this outfit is fancy.
And to that I would say, Old Navy and Marshalls got it goin' on.

Remember a while back when I wanted this skirt (here)
Well I finally got it!!! (Talked about it here)
You nailed it ON congratulations, I'll be back soon.

As for the shirt, J. Simpson via Marshalls for $11.99
We might be talking deal of the year here folks.
Wearable with jeans and boots for 'dressy casual', and skirt for more finished look.
I LOVE it.

I would like to talk about how WHITE , oh, what is that you can't see the rest of the word, it was white in case you were wondering) my legs are. 
It's just terrible.
Self Tanner here I come.
Jergens, Loreal, and Tan Towels we are about to be BFF4L.
Jeeez, good thing it's almost tight season.
Then I can rock out patterned tights, and spare you all my blinding limbs.

I wore this to an employee appreciation dinner. Which was open bar and awesome!!!
It wasn't a sups fancy one, but a nicer evening in my opinion.
It was the perfect choice!!!!

In other news.
This was my weekend. VERY STRESSFUL.
More to come tomorrow
Happy Monday :)


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