Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY: Get A Organized Garage

So most of you were thinking the DIY might be something totally cute and adorable.
Nope, sorry.
But it's something totally practical and AWESOME. 
So listen up.

We're on a quest to make our garage awesome functional, which I guess would be awesome.
 So awesome it is.
 It was just so full of stuff from here or there, boxes I never unpacked when I moved in, forgotten about things, you know typical garage stuff. 

But, we decided we wanted to us it for it's actual purpose. A garage.
So a this week we cleared the whole thing out, and made piles.
A his pile, a her pile, a dump, throw away, and donate pile, you get the idea.

Yup those are my skis :)

We, and this time the we is he and his dad, insulated the whole thing, and put up drywall. Yay for drywalled garages. And they also sealed all the cracks in the concrete.

Today we, yes I am back in this DIY, leveled the recently filled cracks, swept, and vacuumed, and used super degreaser stuff to ensure the floor was ready to be sealed.

Tomorrow we get to roll on the seal, that has speckles in it to finish the floor. 
Then we'll put the cabinets (old ones from the kitchen), and the fridge (pre-remodel fridge) back in, and viola.

I'm just excited we're making progress on the house. 
It's ALL coming together.

This is what I (with the help of others) picked out this weekend.
Ordering it this week from RC Willey.
Hello new friend, you're going to look great in the hallway!!

I guess is what grown up is like, house projects on the weekend, and furniture shopping.
Good news is I am totally okay with it. 
Because both were fun!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!


  1. I love that chest!! its beautiful!


    1. Thanks I can't wait til it comes in stock. I pre- ordered, and it's in the house!!! Will post pics!!!

  2. The chest is beautiful! I love new furniture! can't wait to see how your new garage looks!!


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