Monday, October 29, 2012

Lists & Manicures

A girls first manicure.

It's kind of a big deal for a girl who didn't even paint her nails until she was 23.
I went for it with the gel nail polish - and damn they look good.
So there is a reason people pay someone else to do this.
So my advice to any skeptics is: Gel it Up. 

On another note. 
I have some big news.
I've become a list person.
I know I am a little late to this concept of making lists and crossing things or items off one by one.
But it feels so good and keeps me on track.

I actually feel like its going to save money and increase productivity at the same time simotaneousky (I know big words!!)

This weekend alone I made five lists.
Costco list
Grocery store list
Weekend project list
Need to do for the house this week list
Another grocery store list
Take that lists, I'll show you!!!
And the first three are all done!!! 

Now you may be wondering was a manicure (cough and pedicure) on the list???? 
The answer is no.
But it made for a great "reward" for being so productive.

I know that most of us bloggers are 'high achievers' or in fewer words 'doers'.
So you probably all already make lists.
Which makes this post null in void, BUT since I JUST started I thought I would share it with you.

So here is a list to share
Things to BLOG about:
 Disney Princess Color Book Obession
Hockey Girls Story
Skinny Dipping in Nice
The Truth About Gutter Cleaning
Sometimes I Wonder
What is Normal Anyways
Too Many Shoes???
The House Decor Adventures
Books Worth Your Time

Any Ideas You'd Like to Share?


  1. What a pretty color! I'm a list person also! Can't wait to read about those topics in the future :D

  2. I'm convinced that the only reason I'm still sane is because of how many lists I make. Sometimes, you just need to schedule out your life in a way that makes sense. You can just stop and look at everything you were able to accomplish.

    1. Right sooo helpful. All I can think is, why did I not do this before???

  3. That color is gorgeous! Looks like my favorite fall polish OPI's 'You Don't Know Jaques'. I am a total list girl myself, I make them for literally everything. Its a great excuse to get lots of cute notepads and things :)

    1. Yeah I saw the color and it was done. Needed it!!! and Cute Notepads. Duh!!! I am digging the Martha Steward collection right now at Staples.

  4. Where did you go? That color is so cute and perfect for fall! I'm glad you like the gel, its a great investment :-)


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