Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How To: Rock Third Day Hair (Like a Champ)

'Don't be fooled.  If you're thinking, "I've this outfit on pinterest..." You have, here.
Only she's way more fabulous than I will ever be I make it look way better. 

And if you don't follow me on pinterest you probably should, mostly because I pin the coolest stuff.
Like outfits that I copy cat, master bedrooms I'll never have, and recipes that will make you droll...
Also if you're memory is super sharp, you are probably thinking that you saw a sneak peek of this outfit last week, when I was talking about third day hair (or on my instagram).  You are right again.
I am double dipping. Don't hate on me.
Okay on to the next.

Some of you were saying you could never wear third day hair, but I promise, YOU CAN!!!
I NEVER, I mean EVER went a day without washing my blonde locks, but then I was changed.

I'm a self-taught third-day-hair wonder, if that is even a thing.
Here's how to do it ladies. Read carefully, you don't want to miss a step.
It's super complicated.
First Day: I wear my hair down and try to use the straightener to get my ugly half wave in order.
Check out a picture here.
Second Day: I dry shampoo it, then curl it (with the straightener) and give it some volume in the back with a tease.
Check out a picture here.
Third Day: I dry shampoo it again, and then I put it up--usually put it in a sock bun,
but do whatever suits your fancy.
Sock bun seen in these pictures.
While I was training to be a third day hair rock star, I started with baby steps.
I'd rock second day hair on a Sunday (my hermit day, where I typically never leave the house.)
I did this 'til I was sure I could wear it in public, and then I did.

Once I got used to second day, I started rockin' third day, again at home just to see how it looked if my boyfriend told me I should wash my hair or not as a wager of how 'clean'/'dirty' it looked.
As you can tell it's been a process, three months to get me comfortable with third day hair to be exact.
As for products, I use this dry shampoo on days two and three. 
I use this hair spray every day, and this one seems to be the best that I have found.
You can buy it at Target.  It doesn't make your hair all sticky and glossy looking.
I use my straightener (I have a no-name brand) on day one to straighten, and day two to curl!!!

It's been way worth it!!!
My hair feel much healthier, and if I am am not being totally crazy,
it seems like it's growing faster too!!!
Give it a try.
You can do it!

Just remember baby steps!


  1. Adore this outfit. The bright and white is awesome!! And your hair is perfection. I can never get mine up like that so perfectly!

  2. I have gotten to where I only wash my hair every 4 days. Dry shampoo and sock buns are a god send!

  3. Ok this outfit is so cute! And I love your hair on top of your head like that! I wish I didn't have so much hair bc after about an hour of it being up high it starts hurting so bad! I need to invest in some dry shampoo and figure out what all the rage it. My hair usually is fine for about 3 days, but I want to see what all the good fuss is about!

  4. I totally trained my hair this way, too. It works!

  5. SO glad you did this post! I have been trying so hard to rock 2 day hair and it works sometimes. I need to bridge the gap to 3 day. I do love that dry shampoo and just stocked up at Target. Top knots are really the way to go though! You have inspired me to stretch out my washings!

  6. i have always been a not shower every day kinda of girl. it's probably because I went to an all girls school. totally rocked it!

  7. I'm rocking blonde third day hair right now- and in a sock bun. Ha!

  8. I love this! I have 2 day hair down to a t but now I am going to have to start rocking some three day hair! And I love your sock bun!

  9. I rock 3-day non-shower hair all the time. I can't say I rock it as well as you do, though.

  10. I wish I could convince my hair that it doesn't need washed everyday! I've been trying to not wash my hair on Sundays, but I just can't stand the smell of any dry shampoo that I've tried. I'm really sensitive to smells and they totally make me ill!

    Fixing my hair doesn't require a lot of effort though. I just shower and then blow dry it after I've done all of my other morning activities.

  11. top knots are always my go-to when it comes to 3rd day hair


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