Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Squirt, Moist, and Other Terrible Words

This morning I went to Starbucks.
I always feel indulgent (and like I'm paying too much for a drink)
when I go, among other things, but this is not important.

I asked for a non-fat, half pump, light ice vanilla latte.
(Yes I'm that yuppy that has a complicated order too).
And the women asked me how many squirts...

And I cringed.

You know those words that just give you the creepy crawly feeling?
They just sound uncomfortable in any context they are delivered in?
Yeah Squirt is one of them.
I am not sure why but this word just gives me the heebee jeebees.
Whenever anyone says it, I cringe.
I'm not even sure why, maybe it has something to do with this association.
If you just clicked that link, I apologize, you'll never hear that word in the same light ever again.
P.S. There is NO appropriate GIF to go with this, you should have seen the things I looked at when I typed squirt GIF into the google search bar, so NOT okay...

End of Story.
That's also an awful word.
Chombray//Old Navy

I mean say it to out loud right now.
Be sure you pronounce all the vowels.
Yup, it's gross too!!!
Any words make you cringe?
I'd love to hear 'em.
(I mean I don't want to hear them, but I do want to know which words bother you!)
I'm sure I haven't thought of all of 'em.


  1. "Moist" is at the very top of my list, too! Hysterical! I cringed as I typed it, by the by...

    Love your blog! Thanks for all of the fun inspiration!


    Hey, I Love Your Bag! 

  2. hahahaha I loved this, I didn't quick link but I am sure I already have an idea what it was. and I too abhor moist. No thanks.

  3. dfjsadlfaslkdfjaowertj

    that's how i feel reading those words.. However, your outfit is real cute :)

  4. The 'M' one up there is top of my list. Along with a 'P' one that ends in anties...yuuuck.

  5. Moist (blegh, i threw up a little in my mouth) is just a horrible word. My body rejects it literally. this will be a little much.. but Muff, is also a horrible horrible

  6. I would like to let you know, I should have checked the link because I'm at work and just clicked the "squirt" page. I'm probbbbb gonna be fired now.

    Anyway that's what I associate the word with too haha

  7. OH my gosh moist is definitely the worst one.

  8. Ugh I'm not gonna lie it was hard to read this post aside from your cute fave. I do hate that word

  9. Why did I click that, what the fuck!?!? That word actually never bothered me and now it kind of does... I also hate the word booger. I just think it's weird and I don't like to say it

  10. PAMPHLET. ughhhflbrfsdjnj!!!!

  11. panties. so weird. and moist as no. to both words. im cringing as I type this!

  12. I say those words just in my head and I cringe. Major ews for those words. And for the record, I didn't click on the wiki scared me lol

  13. I recently came across a new Aussie hair products line and they decided it was a good idea to name it, "Moist." This was *not* a good idea (insert cringe here)!



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