Thursday, May 16, 2013

Excuses for Things I Own in Excess

 We all do it.
And by it, I mean all us ladies have a zillion 'things' of the same 'thing'.
Get what I am sayin' here.

Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, Lip Stain
I consistently carry 10-15 15-20 in my purse (read there is an entire make up bag dedicated to 'lip gear') and I only use two on the daily. Why - I'm not even sure, so don't ask.

Leopard Undies
 I am a firm believer that every outfit needs some leopard, 
even if its the super sneaky Lacey Victoria secret kind...
I have 30 pairs with leopard print, okay enough about my undies.

Essie Nail Polish
 I mean I paint my nails myself 20-40 times a year I definitely need 
20+ colors to choose from right???
Especially when I get gel manicures too, perfect, that's what I thought, they are necessary.

Basic Target Tanks
 I swear when they go on sale for $5 (which happens all the time) I buy 3-4. This does not help me save money there. So now I have 15, four of which are white. In my defense
I wear them all year long, so they are justified.

Hair products
I'm no hair expert (although I do rock third day hair like a champ) but I do have my fair share of products. Basically for all the Target purchase Loreal, Pantene, and Herbal Essence products I have, I could own three to four awesome products that actually work, and that I actually use. 
Just sayin'.
 Also this GIF sums up how I feel ever single day. I wish I were better at hair!
or so my boyfriend would say, but we all know a girl can't ever have too many pairs so I am crossing this one off the list.

College Tees
I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I just can't. Plus I sleep in them, lounge in them, and work out on them. So it's totally worth keeping all 32 of them right? 
What's that, you told me to keep 'em, problem solved!
Happy Almost Friday.
P.S. I really want to try one (or seven) of these.
Anyone tried 'em?
I think tonight's the perfect night to try 'em.


  1. The Strawberrita is yummy, go for it!!! I feel you are justified in all these things that you hoard :) You have to be, because I have the same problem. If we discover that more people do this too, it isn't so much a problem as a way of life....duh!

  2. Those Strawberritas are soooo good! I love them poured over ice! Perfect for a summer night!

  3. I was looking at trying those too...The fiance said they didn't taste good...but he doesn't like margarita's so his opinion is invalid(!), I might be trying them anyway! hehe :-)

  4. My purse is filled with lip product...yet when I reach in, it is hard to find one :)

  5. I haven't tried them either, but I love the Lime-a-ritas so I am thinking the strawberry ones will be good too. I feel you about the nail polish.... I can't leave target or Wal-Mart without a new bottle. I just counted and I have 28 bottles. Is that too many?

  6. I have so many hair products that you think that my hair would look a lot better!

  7. I have four drawers of tshirts.. I need them to just disappear, so I don't have to part with them myself! Its awful!

  8. defiantly a undie hoarder as well!! It's so hard NOT to feel sexy wearing new undies.

  9. I really appreciate the Strawberry 'Ritas from Bud Light. It gives my tummy something more to look forward to on Friday nights! Enjoy!!!

  10. What about scarves?? I am a big scarf hoarder and I am not even ashamed.

  11. all of these things area acceptable. Also I find that I TRY to have hair ties and bobby pins in exess but they ALWAYS dissapear.

    also I'm glad you brought up the leopard underpants. I just bought another pair. why is that even a thing?

  12. Also. Just went to pee (sorry about being graphic) and I have a pair on now. Now the Internet knows what panties I'm wearing. Classy.

  13. Sweet lady, messy hair is in so you don’t even need to do your hair these days to look cute so don’t even worry about that!! 
    and I LOVE cleaning out my closets and getting rid of excess so I really have nothing piled up. I suppose it would be cardigans. I have like 8 – maybe? More like 6 I think. Shoes would be the only thing. I think I have like 15 pairs. But that is because you need different shoes for so many things – working out, hiking, chacos, work shoes (summer and winter), boots. … ;)

  14. all of this, yes. and tees. i don't get rid of ANY of mine. it's really bad.

  15. Haha YES to the Target tanks. And the Target tees! I have thousands.

  16. I totally hoard all this stuff too, especially Essie Nail Polishes! Also, I just found your blog and I love it! I actually live in Tahoe (and love to ski!) so it's great to find a fellow blogger like myself :)

  17. Wow! 15 lip glosses? I am obsessed with chapstick. I have one (or a few) everywhere I go. And as for the leopard undies, you can never have enough. haha

  18. I'm guilty about the college tees. Granted, I'm still in college... But I can tell this habit will come back to haunt me in the future!

  19. yes yes yes to all of the above.

  20. Totally agree with this post. I have about 294 lip products - also I have way too many body washes, scrubs, etc! Hair products are even worse. I'm gonna end up on an episode of hoarders just for hair care.
    - Heather

  21. From someone who has over 35 pairs of underwear herself... no, you can never have too many.


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