Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Will Forever by my Always

When I saw this on pinterest, I immediatley loved what it was saying.
I'm totally a sucker for those tacky quotes, lovey dovey things, and 'live, laugh, love' sayings.
Luckily I have more tact than to have those hung up all over the house (which is more than I could say when I was in college, searching for love).
These words however, just called to me, when I saw them.
They were different.
When I find myself telling my boyfriend I love him, just to hear him say it back.
(Yes, I am guilty of most girls are...)
I realize this is one of the many things I hear when he says, "I love you."
Because this is one of the meanings, "I love you" has to me.

There are about a million other things that those three words convey when I hear them,
and a million more things those words mean to me when I say the, but 
these were just the ones I wanted to share with you today.

Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. I love you babe.


  1. Such a cute saying! Perfect little looooove post for your other half on Valentine's Day. :)


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