Monday, February 4, 2013

Sad Day to be a Niner Fan

No sure if you remember this post, but we're Niner fans.

It's a sad day for us.
What I will say, is that game was exciting. Between the first half (that was a super scary time for niner fans), Beyonce's show stoppin' performace, the lights going out, and the last five minutes, I'd say it was a more entertaining Super Bowl than most. 

We ate enough to last us a lifetime yesterday.
As per usual...Why does this day come AFTER new years resolution.
And because of that food coma, I was too tired lazy to get up this morning and run, which makes me sad.

As for the rest of the weekend, I worked on Saturday, and then hit up Old Navy and scored two pairs of pants and two blouses for $43.....Hello Deal of the Week :)  The pants were $8 for a pair of colored jeans, this is just insane.

Pictures coming soon!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. I agree what a sad day for the niners :( hope the superbowl didn't ruin the rest of your weekend

    1. Didn't ruin the weekend, just wish they would have won, at least they made it a good game :)

  2. i am from SF. it was a sad day indeed. but you know what? niners fans are classy. we took it in stride. We didn't bash the Ravens. There is always next year:/

  3. Not a SF fan but i was hoping they would win and cheering them all the way! Sad they lost =(

    1. Thanks for cheering for our niners....good news is we are a young team. Maybe next year!!!


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