Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Confess: Target Withdrawls and a Missing Tan

Spending another Friday with A Blonde Ambition for some confessions!!!!

I confess...

....the best part of Safe Haven was sitting in theatre watching Josh Duham's sexiness, knowing that he is passing his genes along.  Does Fergie (Fregilisious) know how lucky she is????

...Julianne Hough's body is amazing.  Is it weird that for about half three quarters of the movie I was drooling over her legs butt arms everything.  Congratulations Ryan Seacrest, she bangin'.

...I drink three standard size Nalgene bottles a day, and only was it once a week. Call me gross, and see what happens...Hey at least I am hydrated!
...I ordered one of those stick on bras from Amazon, and it had a note from the seller, turn out he's a dude. It freaked me out a bit, but hey for $4.99 I'll take it Michael Zhang. (It's new folks, don't go thinkin' I bought a used one.) 
...I found pictures from this trip on my camera's memory card. It made me miss these girls, blonde hair, and my tan from Mexico.

...I didn't got to Target this weekend, and I haven't been all week.  This is longest I have been without stepping a foot in a Target in months or probably even years.  My bank account is thanking me, although I did see these, and might need to make a stop. If I buy them, they are for our trip.

...Chipped finger nail polish REALLY REALLY REALLY (that's the equivalent to a triple dog dare, FYI) bothers me.  I feel like it makes an outfit look less put together. Like you didn't put it effort.  That being said my thumb nail chipped, and it's a gel manicure, and I can't get if off.  It's driving me INSANE.

...I'm so glad it's Friday.


  1. Girl - I am dying to be tan! My pasty butt is glowing!

  2. I've definitely gone longer without washing a water bottle. Don't you worry. But HOW did Seacrest land her?! It still blows my mind.

  3. Yeah.. I have had a girl crush on Julianne Hough's body ever since I saw her shake it in Footloose..then I eat another Girl Scout cookie...


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