Monday, July 30, 2012

I Survived: Austin Edition

Remember when I told you that ALL my best friends live far away here????
Well this weekend was our 'musketeer reunion', Austin style.

Since two of us live on the Coasts (East and West) and our third musketeer lives in Texas, we decided to meet in the middle.

The trip was a little bit of a whirlwind (I arrived on Friday and left Saturday), BUT it was worth every. single. minute.
The three of us had not been together for a year and a half.
So happy to see these ladies.
The reunion made us realize, some things never change, no matter how much time has passed!

You know the trip is going to be good when your first 'meal' after the airplane is a baked chocolate and fruit covered donut.  

OHHH, only in Texas. 

 And to answer the question I hope all of you are asking yourselves, Yes I ate the whole, entire thing.

24 hours in Austin have been well spent when you:
Feel swampy in the first seconds out the airport doors
Hear the y'all, and love it
Eat a heart attack dounut as a 'warm up' for dinner
Shop your way down South Congress
Eat gumbo and a shrimp po boy
Bar Crawl down Sixth Street
Wake up sweating in the middle of the night
Eat the most incredible breakfast

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!
No matter where you were :)


  1. Sounds like you had so much fun! I love hangin out with my besties even if it is for only 24 hours, I'm sure it was worth every second!

    1. Right...and isn't it so weird how years (in our case a year and half) can go by, and when you all hang out it's like the clock has stopped and it's the same as it's always been???? So great to have such fun friends- I am glad you do too!!!

  2. That looks so fun! I just love going and visiting Texas!

    1. Texas really should be it's own nation. But you are right, sooo FUN to visit. Hope you had a great weekend!!!


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