Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you really knew me...

If you can understand everything I say/mumble, know that I always have things floating around in my car and purse, and comment on my one too many bangles, then you've probably spent WAY too much time with me.

I found this post over at Running in Stilettos, and knew it was something I needed to copycat ASAP.  I love reading about people, reading about other peoples quirks and fun facts, makes my oddities endearing qualities seem a little more normal.  Some days I am left wondering...But most days I just rock it out!!!!!

You'd know I have a fake front tooth. It was a terrible umbrella attack in seventh grade. (You would never know if I didn't tell you right?)

You'd know I loved sorority life, and given a chance I'd live it again in a heartbeat.

You'd know snail mail was my speciality.

You'd know that I am don't like change all that much.

You'd know I don't set my alarm on any even number or multiple of five.

You'd know traveling is one of my favorite pass times, and I have been to fifteen + countries.

You'd know I can't go to bed with lint or nasties between my toes.

You'd know that if I could have one irrational, useless skill set I would love to have some sick 'step up' like dance moves

You'd know I always dry off with two towels: one for the body, and one for the hair. I really don't like wet hair dripping on my shoulders and back.

You'd know I refer to ears as 'ear balls' and knee caps as 'knee balls'.

You'd know I always fall asleep during movies at home. The only ones I can stay awake through are in the theater.

You'd know I watched the notebook about 500 times (this isn't a joke, I watched it while doing homework in college).

You'd know I just got a black lab puppy: Zoey who is awesome, crazy, precious, rewarding and exhausting all at the same time

You'd know my brother is my best friend and he lives in San Diego.

You'd know my parents just sold the house I grew up in and I feel good about it.

You'd know that chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is my favorite, and red velvet cupcakes are my weakness.

You'd know I grew up skiing, and have been doing it for twenty years (wayyyy over half my life).

You'd know that I love most all country music and try to fill my summers with as many country music concerts as possible.

You'd know that I always have a chap stick on hand, I can't handle chapped lips.

You'd know I have a large  awesome shoe collection, and that if I see a cute pair, it will likely be in my closet in the next two weeks.

You'd know my boyfriend and I can't walk out of Target for less $200 (we both can always find things we need there).

You'd know that my Mom and Dad have been best friend for 36 years and married for 34.  (Way to go M and D)

You'd know that I collected stamps when I was little.  Yup I was a geek for sure.

You'd know I have an obsession with anything sparkly and anything leopard.

You'd know that I love any sort of craft project, and can sew, but can't always find time to do as many as I would like.  

You'd know that I never really want to grow up.  The big kid adult thing can be really stressful.

You'd know that Top Gun is my all time favorite movie.  It might be because of my brother, but it is also AWESOME!!!

You'd know that I have no regrets in life, just things I wouldn't try again.

You'd know that I am sucker for cheese ball things and sayings (i.e. live, laugh, love).

Hope you got a snapshot of my uniqueness.
But even more so, I hope you have a great Tuesday, because you have no reason not too!!!!


  1. Of course you and your brother would love Top Gun....it has planes!!!!

    1. Duh, gots to love it. Do you have a blog too???? Love your instagram!!!

    2. I just started one, but I as you can see i need some help. I am slowly learning how to do things on it.

  2. And if you really really knew her, you'd know that the fake tooth glows in black light. Ah that made for some hilarious moments at parties in college. I loved this. And whenever I see anything with a cheesy quote, I think of you.

    1. Bahahahah, that's embarrassing. But yes it totally does glow!

  3. I'm a new follower! Love this idea...may have to do it myself!

    1. Yay, New follower-thanks for dropping by :) Totally do it. So fun to be really honest with yourself about yourself and so fun to learn stuff about others. As it ends up I am not the only silly girl out there!!!


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