Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Boyfriend,
I did nothing to deserve the random flowers you sneakily bought for me while I was at work. You are too much sometimes.  When I ate breakfast at the table right next to them, they made me feel special, as you always do.  Thanks for bringing me yet another reason to smile today. I love you.

Dear Tim and Kenny,
Are you ready for my guest appearance at your concert on Sunday? It should be a good time.  I tweeted and said I was heading your way, so I don't try to act shocked when I arrive.  Also I have seen you two separately and you both were great.  I am excited to see what you two up might bring.

Dear Stephy,
Less than a month 'til your wedding.  I am getting excited, but really need a dress to wear.  I am sure you are worrying about every single little detail, because it's only natural, but it will be perfect. (Remember her bachelorette party, read about it here)

Dear BMW,
Thanks for washing my car, and not charging me for my oil change.  I am not sure how I got out of your shop without spending a gazillion dollars, but I am not complaining.  Also you vacumed the floor mats? I haven't even done this (terrible to admit), although I've only had you since April.  Can we make a deal that my experience with you is always this affordable and enjoyable??

Dear Nordstrom, 
Your SERIOUS sale is coming up. I am scared.  Maybe you'll have a cute dress on sale that I can wear to the wedding mentioned above?...  Also please don't have a Kate Spade purse that I love on sale, or else I might just have to buy it.

Dear Little Mermaid,
Such a great performance last night.  I must say, I was a bit rusty on your plot line which is embarrassing to admit,  but I still knew every word to every song, so cut me some slack.  It did make me want to go to Disneyland a little bit.  There is just something about Disney that is so magical.



  1. how sweet that your boyfriend just randomly gave you flowers!! I love that!

    1. Right? It was so nice and thoughtful. And I get to enjoy them all week :) Thanks for dropping by hope your having a great Friday!

  2. Wow! your boyfriend is so sweet.. I told my ex once that I'd love to get flowers but he said he'd rather buy me food.. ugh! Your such a lucky girl :)

    Have a happy Friday!


    1. He is awfully nice! They smell so good and are so pretty. But you know what - I would take food too!!!! Thanks for dropping by have a great weekend!!!

  3. gorgeous flowers!

    visit :)


    1. Thanks :) Loved your dress the other day!!!! Have a great weekend!!!


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