Monday, June 25, 2012

I Survived: Vegas Edition

Yes, we ALL survived, bride included.
Even after a Saturday night turned into a 5:30am Sunday morning.
Here is a photo summary of one VERY successful Bachelorette party.

New terms of the trip.

Struggs: Struggling on many accounts to do and/or accomplish a task, big or small.

Twaddle: A three finger brush on a butt cheek when attire of any kind (swim suite, dress, shorts, etc.) looks to be too short, or easily accessible.  A twaddle can be done by anyone, but is most appropriate amongst a group of girls, and not complete randoms in Vegas.

If and when you are next in Vegas. I challenge you to The Bucket (pictured below).  It's some sort of magical.

P.S. Why were we the ONLY group of girls applying sunscreen repeatedly at the pool?
Does every Vegas-goer want cancer?

Hope you all had a fun weekend too!!!
Limo in Vegas
Pool Time
Sunscreen Up

Yup this is ONE drink

Bride and Bride
Pool Day Two
The Group

Approx 1:30am
Bride and Bestie

Limo on the way Back



  1. Thank you for posting these pictures Kaylin. Loved loved loved the coordination of wardrobe. Struggs - awesome word. Hugs...Aunt Lynda

    1. You're welcome! It was too much fun :) And as for the coordination, It was a must!

  2. You look so beautiful in all these pics! Love you. Glad you had fun!

    1. Thanks! Maybe you and I will make it there together someday


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