Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Okay Thursday #1

It's Okay Thursday

Love THIS one from my bestie last week.  It made me laugh. 

Here is my attempt.

...that I am not going to work tomorrow (VEGAS watch out). Everyone deserves a non-holiday three day weekend.

...that we bought these at Target this week.  We hadn't tried them yet.  We totally needed too.

...that I just bought our household an iron this week.  Some may ask how I survived before and I just say, "We have been supporting the local small businesses," i.e. dry cleaners.

...that whenever I take a picture of myself with my phone I look like a goober.  HOW do all you gals do such great outfit pictures yourselves? I just can't seem to get it right...

...that I claimed this was my 'protein for the day', when we all know it was really just a craving for chocolate milk.
 are we seeing a chocolate trend here???

...that I take 45, 309 pictures of my puppy a day.  They are only little for so long.

....that Ali Fedotowsky is taking fashion advice from me.  Remember when I wore these shoes way back when. Can you say copy cat.  Just kidding. But I do LOVE her style!!!! And wouldn't mind having this exact outfit on my body right now.

...that I didn't get to work out as much this week.  Life happens.  Means double time next week.  Goodness knows I'll need it after this weekend.

....that I occasionally rock out to Musical Soundtracks.  Right now I am hooked on Wicked (who could not love this soundtrack?) and Moulin Rouge.  Just so good.

Its Ok Thursdays

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