Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I forget to put of perfume.  (I have quite the collection, see here)
Always: I feel naked, which is dumb.  It's only perfume...

Sometimes: Sundays turn into impromptu BBQ's, game days, and baking extravaganzas.
Always: I remember how blessed I am to have such a great life!!!

Sometimes: I drop by my parents to say hi.
Always: I end up stay WAYYY longer than anticipated.  I just get to talking, and loose track of times.

Sometimes: US weekly does something awesome: like put someone in the hottest body section that doesn't look anorexic or super toned. (Hard to describe, see here)
Always: It makes me feel way better about myself.  Lets try to give our youth some positive body image.

Sometimes: I got to Safeway to get food for dinner.
Always: I come home with $50 worth of groceries, those club card 'specials' get me.

Sometimes: We watch live TV
Always: We remember why we don't do it.  Those commercials are just too darned long.

Sometimes: I try new things...stay tuned tomorrow's post
Always: I am excited to try them!!!

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