Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday: Wants

I want this guy to be kicked off the Bachelorette tonight, even though I doubt it's going to happen.

Go Home Ryan
Who likes him anyways? He seems like a scum bag.  And who would say they wouldn't like someone if they weren't so fit??? I mean it might be true, but lets not go saying it in the first few weeks of a reality TV show.  

I want target to stop STEALING all my money

How did this little guy slip into the cart on Saturday???
Don't lie it's cute, and it was PERFECT for our appetizers on Sunday.

I want to have a clean bill of health at the dentist tomorrow.
I don't have time (or $) for any cavities.  
I've been cavity free for 23 years, lets keep it goin'.

I would like want Zoey to catch on to potty training sooner.
 Any advice?
I've read pretty much everything online, and have employed every single technique.
I guess I have to remember, shes only been with us for 6 nights.
Just like anything it will take time.
 But how can you not like this little one?

I know too many Zoey pictures. I'm sorry :/

I want the new Emilly Giffin book to be out already.
It comes out July 24, 2012, and I pre-ordered it (here) month's ago.
Every book she writes, I LOVE.

I'm loosing patience.

I want more hours in the day.
24 is just not enough.
Let's try 30, it would make me MUCH happier!!!

I want my recent ebay goodies to arrive.
This one inspired me to try it out.
And low and behold, I 'won' two items.
Hope they're worth it!
I'll let you know when they come it :)

Hope you're all having a great Monday!!!
Gotta start the week off right!!!

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  1. Cavity free club! Woo hoo! These days I'm thankful for it cause I don't want to spend the money lol. And as always, Zoey is the cutest thing I've ever seen. You should upload that video to youtube and share it on here! Miss you.


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