Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes Always #3

Sometimes: I come home to an awesome dinner like this
Always: Okay, so I really meant almost always.  I am pretty darn lucky.

Tri Tip, Home made Onion Rings, Rosemary Garlic Potatoes...

Sometimes: Zoey pees and poos in the house twice has a bad day.
Always: She's a puppy, it's inevitable.

Please don't wake up and chew on my computer charger.

Sometimes: I go to the dentist (twice a year to be exact)
Always: I am thankful that I started flossing regularly a couple years back.  Healthy gums correlate with a healthy heart, and I need that for a while. No cavities :) Yay!

Sometimes: My desk has sooooo many things on my desk, it's almost a joke.
Always: It makes me feel like an irresponsible adult.  Do I qualify as a grown up?

This is an average day...

Sometimes: On Sundays I do nothing but laundry, watch TV, and nap (and blog).
Always: I don't EVEN feel bad about it.  Isn't that what weekends are for? Relaxing?

Sometimes: My bestie (read more here) finds great anchor things like this at J.Crew (here)
Always: We will love anchors. Delta Gamma will do that to a girl.


  1. That dinner looks amazing! You are definitely very lucky! :)

    1. So good, I wish I was more creative with food. I am more of a casserole girl :) All in one special!

  2. I just showed the dinner to Naveed and implied strongly that he should take another shot at cooking for me. He cooked pasta for me one time when we were first dating and I swear he boiled the pasta for 20 minutes. Ew. Good intentions though. Love the anchors, love the puppy, love you.

    1. He'll get there. He should look up like an entire meal (i.e. what meat goes well with what side, etc.) That's what my bf tries, and it's usually spot on. Hence the shoe string onions :)

  3. That dinner look so good! I want some! I love your layout. I am your newest follower. Check out my post if you get a chance. Amber

    1. So good. Onion rings: Paprika and flour only then boiled in oil. Such Great flavor especially with a bite of tri tip!!!

      Welcome to my blog, I am glad you found me :) and of course I'll check your post out!

  4. Oh wow, that dinner looks absolutely amazing!! I need that right now! That anchor dress is so cute. It looks perfect for summer!

    Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration. The dinner was great.
      Bestie and I love anchor, just wish it were half off and I'd swoop on it!!!!


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