Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Random Snikerdoodle Craving,
Where did you come from? Oh, and please go away.

Dear Heart Attack Dinner,
You were mighty delicious.  You did a great job stuffing and topping our hamburger patty's with cheese babe, thanks! Cara and David thanks for joining us :)  Next time we might have something a little healthy on the menus.  We shall see.

Stuffed cheese burgers topped with cheese :)

Dear Bestie,
I love the new blog name. Back East Blonde. Check it out here!

Dear Vegas,
Two weeks, and we meet again.  Are you ready?  Here is last trip, I intend on making this next trip just as good.  I'm loading up on my sparkles and hairspray don't worry :) Wish these two were coming with, but I am sure the group I'm going with this time will be fun too! Stephanie, are you ready for one great Bachelorette Party?

NYE Vegas trip. College Reunion 2.0

Dear Weekend,
We've been looking forward to you almost all year.  Hope you live up to your expectations!

Dear Brother,
Once again you rock.  Miss you tons.  And as always wish you (and Maddy) were closer.  Hope you enjoyed your half day yesterday!

Disneyland with the Family- November 2011

Dear Bug Bites,
Go away.  You woke me up in the middle of the night because you itched so much.  That's just not fair.

Dear Stationary Collection,
You grew!!! Thanks for the cute Dr. Seuss stationary Mom! I love it.  If you know me at all it is very possible that you might find one of these in your mail box sometime soon.  Just wanted to prepare you all for the cuteness.



  1. love your blog design! that hamburger looks aaamazing! im so hungry now!


    1. Thanks, got it on! It was so good. Double cheese burger nice and healthy for sure!


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