Sunday, June 3, 2012

Celebrities My Age

So I have been reading my newest US weekly, both hard copy and iPhone app (it's free people, if you don't have it, get it!) and I have been thinking about celebrities my age... It's actually SCARY

Vanessa  Hudgens:
Remember her from High School Musical??? Yeah, that young innocent thing sure has gone through a thing or two.  Years of dating Zac Efron, yes I am still sad they are not still together, her online nudey scandal, and her new boho chick style.  I would like to see her come out with another big hit.  Zac did it, why can't she???

Emma Stone:
OK, home girl is a bad ass.  Almost every movie she is in, is great. Super Bad, The Help, Crazy Stupid Love, House Bunny... I can't say anything bad about you.  You have great style, and have really shaped into a classy lady.  Side note, I wish I had your voice- you've got that smokey thing going on.  And it's great.


Honestly, how many number one hits has this girl had???  And HOW does she know so much about effed up relationships and love?  Because almost every hit she has revolves around that.  I admittedly do purchase most of her hits and add them to my current running mix, so the girls doing something right.  I did NOT like her when she was blond. 

The list goes on. 

But I honestly can't believe that in the years I have lived, I have grown up, gone to college, and gotten a job that I really, honestly enjoy.  I feel like with all that I have been beyond busy.  How have these ladies had time to make pop hits, and movies?  I think my life is a full time job.

Here I am... How do I stack up???? I feel successful, happy, fun loving, caring, and fulfilled.  I guess that means I am doing great!  Really ladies.  Congratulations.  You have sufficiently made me feel inferior. 

Happy Weekend. 
Make your Years Count


  1. These are really amazing ladies. I also like Hilary Duff a lot, who is also our age. She had inspired me a lot so far, and in so many ways. But I would not say that you are inferior compared to these girls. As you said, you feel fulfilled, and that's all that counts and matters. They just do something different, but it's still just a job. I don't know if I could handle the fact, that everytime a stranger can come along, ask me for a photo, a hug or an autograph. That's the odd side of it. For me, everyone who is happy with what she does, has taken the right decision. Everyone's life is special in its own way.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. I like Hillary Duff a lot too, we are Almost the same age. She's got me beat by a year. But so funny to think I first fell in love with her on Lizzy McGuire (sp?).

      And I agree. I feel I have taken the right direction, but sometimes it's scary to think what others my age have done.

      Special in it's own way is right. I feel both lucky, honored, and blessed to be living mine!!!!

      Have a great weekend!


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