Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Zoey,
You're so cute, it almost hurts.

Dear Dad,
I am bummed you aren't going to be in town this weekend. I am glad you'll be with Mom and Bro. Thanks for being the incredibly awesome, unfalteringly supportive, extremly patient, and great at giving advice.  It's exactly what you're crazy blonde haired 'little one' needs.
Old picture (circa 2009?) (w/ super long hair).

Dear Darts,
This is just NOT my game.  When on average only two of the three make it on the board, you know there's a problem.  Dad, as I mentioned above you're awesome, but you gave me your not-good-at-anything-that-requires-hand-eye-coordination gene.

Dear Home Made Double Layer Taco,
Taco Bells got nothing on you. That tortilla really keeps things tucked in well.

Dear F21,
You win. Every. Single. Time. (It's the accessories I swear)

Dear Sprinklers,
Thanks for coming on while Zoey and I were outside this morning.  It made her jump, bark, and then fall over.  It just  made me laugh.

Dear Weekend,
So glad you're here.  Now two uninterrupted days at home with my loves.
Rare Moment of Calm


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  1. Home made tacos always taste yummier don't they :)


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