Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OOTH Leopard: An Outfit Pic

So here's the deal folks.  I am trying to be more 'fashioinalable' as I have said before.  
Sometimes my attempts don't go quite as planned (read: old jeans and plain target tee), but sometimes I try new things. Like today.

After following many 'fashion' trends in magazines and manikins it was easy to tell fun necklaces are, as my Grandmother would say, "All the Go" now. So like I mentioned here, I went for it with some accessories at F21, or my case F23.

Also this shirt never fails to make a good day better.  I mean doesn't leopard print do that to any girl????

Love these 'skinny' dress pants.
Open back with a cami under. Does make for nice detail
Look at me I am a goober

Pants: The Limited Shirt: Franceascas Necklace&Bracelet: F21 Sandals: Target
Pants: The Limited (skinny work pants! Dec 2011)
Shirt: Franceascas (Dec 2011)
Necklace&Bracelet: F21
Sandals: Target (spring 2011)

Happy Hump Day Folks!


  1. OOh I love love love this outfit. So cute! Am I the only person who has never heard of Franceascas? I'm going to google it.

    1. Thanks it's a cute small little chain store that I love. I am not sure if it's East Coast or not...Store is WAY better than online. But still good!

  2. Cute outfit I really like the open back on the top!

    1. Thank you!!! The cut out back is really nice. Not sure if I'll ever wear it true 'backless' or not. Either way I love the leopard! Happy almost Thursday!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I am still not nearly as fashionable as you are, but I am trying. You inspire me :)


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