Thursday, June 7, 2012

Golf = Good Time

Here is my something new this week: GOLF

Nope not mini golf, like I did last time (see here).  We're talking the real deal.  Eighteen Holes.

My boss called a week ago inviting me to play in a foursome: My response,"Sure, but I've never played before."  She assured me, "It'd be fun!"

Right she was.

The visor makes me look wayyy more serious!
Yesterday we played in a scramble (after each stroke you play from the best ball) tournament, and we had a blast.

If we weren't going to play well, you bet your bottom dollar we were going to 'look the part'. 

Awesome Friends and co-workers.  Our foursome.
There was nothing graceful about your swings or drives, but we did get some arc on the ball, AND  each of us had one clutch putt which made us feel great!

Something New 2.0- last week kick boxing this week, Golf!!!

As a side note: I feel like golf is one of those things that you need to be able to do decently because it happens a lot with business and work (i.e. clients, tournaments, sponsorships, etc.). So I decided I would start practicing.

We're (the foursome seen above) going to play once a month from now on!!!

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